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[COURT OF SWORDS // E59 Q&A] The Golden Tomb


(AdamKoebel) #21

yeah, I think it’s important that we learn precisely just how terrifying

(TheWorklessGamer) #22

Chuckles is the hero this campaign needed but not the one it deserved

(mwthecool) #23

Well I can’t wait to see why! It’s actually kinda cool watching it backwards. I know character’s fates and can see where things lead.

(AdamKoebel) #24

There are two major problems going on here, yep.

(dutrockbridge) #25

I’m sure I made the connection just because it was fresh in my mind. Regardless, I thought it made for a great scene and drove some nice RP by everyone.

(sinderfell) #26

This entire episode gave me flashbacks to the halls of the rock gnomes, thinking every time initiative started up we were going to see dead PCs. The gang had some incredibly clutch rolls when they needed them to happen, and who knows if Adam’s gonna sweep the leg next week.

After all of this though, I’d bet hard money on the farang taking center stage in the near future. I could go either way on the thing that (probably?) killed Utrix being the hidden prisoner or Berg’s dark passenger untethered from a physical object, but if it could cause this much carnage I’m real worried they might have unleashed some long-lost elven general. At this point, I’m trying to figure out if Kalimat/Salihafa just caused a disaster, or if they triggered an impending cataclysm.

@AdamKoebel on a less macro note though, I’m real curious about the evolution of Berg’s bonus damage. I feel like the two options are that his passenger is gestating into something more powerful (which is real bad), or if it’s actually been purged and the experience just left him with some kind of psionic resonance like the gith (which is… good?)

(Pierzing) #27

This was a killer episode this week my dudes.

[spoiler]I don’t know if anyone mentioned it in the last thread, but I just realized in this episode that Berg is carrying one of the silver farang, and although we don’t know exactly what’s happened to Kali yet, I imagine he now carries one of the gold farang in a similar manner. All that juicy farang civil war from the gm prep sessions now seems to be set up to pit two PCs against each other, and I’m so fucking pumped. I’m particularly curious if the pseudo-Fountain is the work of the silver farang corruption, and the ‘death’ of Utrix being the gold farang’s work. I feel like these events are like a ‘small-scale’ replication (if that’s even possible) of what could happen if the farang get into Heaven.[/spoiler]
[spoiler] [/spoiler]
[spoiler]Adam, one thing I was worried about was how all of this lore stuff about Heaven/the Mara and the farang would actually interact with the story, requiring some railroading to get the party to learn about them. However, I think they’re all playing right into your hand by being interested in the coolest parts at the right times.[/spoiler]

It’s super exciting to be a part of, thanks for the great show!

(AdamKoebel) #28

It’s possible I haven’t decided on this one yet but yes, the passenger has changed in some way or other absolutely.

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #29

Well, if they actively pursue Ramus’ goal of getting his soul back, we’ll certainly find out!

(AdamKoebel) #30


thank you so much for watching and paying attention to the lore!

(sinderfell) #31

Agents of change and destruction they may be, but I’m curious if this could be a tipping point that makes them cut ties and try and find their own why. Like, I could very easily imagine a scene where they report back to Hazan, he calls it a job well done and completely blows them off if they try to emphasize “No, you don’t get it. These things are bad. Really, REALLY bad.”

(AdamKoebel) #32

Agni would be a pixar-animated creature, with a body like the ladies we see in Moana, probably. She’d be voiced by Zendaya.

(snip_cz) #33

Thanks for answer. :itmejptip:

So without knowing the GM prep sessions, my running theory is that:
a) The mini-Fountain got corrupted by some Mara-related infestation carried within Berg’s hammer, the Fountain tried to cleared it but kinda failed and instead absorbed it in itself, opening the doorway/alerted some Mara to invade Utrix’s plane. I guess the Fountain also served in some way as a protecting mechanism against this sort of thing.

b) At the same time Kali released some other, ancient power kept prisoner in that place, which was responsible for killing Zeridos and possibly Utrix (if Utrix can actually die), thereby weakening any remaining defenses of that place.

If that is the case, would be reaaaally awesome to see some clashes between these two forces, wrestling for control of this plane (if they’re both interested to stay) and having the players get thrown into the middle. It’s always great to see multiple factions, shades of gray, evil vs evil, rather than one big bad kind of thing, imo. :itmejpgmleft::itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmright:

… oh don’t mind me, just theorycrafting and thinking out loud. Can’t wait for the next show!
P.S.: Agni is awesome, can we keep her please? :itmejpexcite:

(Aythers) #34

Would love to see the rest of the group become blessed by Agni. Could really bind them to each other and unify their paths.

As viewers, we are being spoiled with how good this show has been. Thank you guys for putting on such a great experience.

(Ty_martinez) #35

god this episode was a fucking blast I really hope agni gets out with the party safe just because shes a sweet soul that just want to see more of interacting with the party hopefully after this arc finishes up Ramus will switch over to become a forge cleric and serve agni cuz I would love to see her as a recurring character in future arcs. Plus having a fire god spirit on theyre side will be good when the party finally decides to fix theyre mess in the court of swords proper.

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #36

Well, I’d say that throwing a wrench into the plans of the Sahir isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it definitely seems in-line with the mission statement of the Tower. Part of me really wants them to unleash havoc within Innana’s Seclusium as well…

That said, the Farang certainly qualify as an ‘Outside Context’ problem. What the crew needs is information; to understand just how much of a threat these things pose to the Fountain and impart that knowledge to Hazan. They should have some idea of how dangerous the Farang are given what just happened (seriously, one of these things turned Utrix into a grease-stain with seemingly little effort), but now that Kalimat has picked up a passenger of his own (or so I presume) things are going to get worse.

Now the question is will the crew realize just how much shit they are in before they go someplace where they can do some real damage… like Heaven…

(sythmaster) #37

Awesome episode! It was really cool to see the twists and turns this episode, I believe this was also [spoiler]one of the more significant “fight” encounter episodes since the rules switch…[/spoiler] are you still enjoying this type of encounter planning? (I’m loving it still, [spoiler]the Demons, re-introducing Agni, and the hulks at that end[/spoiler]!

It was also cool seeing Dan pick up on that lore!

(AdamKoebel) #38

I’m really enjoying the way the show is balanced right now, and being able to choose my encounters based on what seems fun or “real” to me instead of doing CR math. Like, hey, here’s [spoiler]a motherfucker balor and some hezrou[/spoiler].

(sythmaster) #39

In addition to [spoiler]the Fountain part with Berg[/spoiler], there was also [spoiler]the passenger’s comments after Ramus healed Berg after that last(?) boundary[/spoiler]. It seemed to [spoiler]give the passenger some extra[/spoiler] purpose or desire.

(Olf_Himself) #40

Awesome episode. can’t wait for next week. My thought on the whole bug Utrix thing is [spoiler]that as far as I remember from Adam’s DM prep is that the experiment had something to do with body switching(?). and that he’s already swapped bodies in order to escape the Farang.[/spoiler]

One thing I would like to see happen, unless the cast is totally against it, is more OOC strategizing during combat. Since the characters are better warriors than the players we can assume they would talk to each other during combat about what to do. So like if someone thinks another player should do this or that you could discuss it.