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[COURT OF SWORDS // E59 Q&A] The Golden Tomb


(AdamKoebel) #1

i am so glad they ran from those demons

(dutrockbridge) #2

Love the show this week as always. Everyone just makes this so exciting to watch.

@AdamKoebel, Any chance the encounter in the pantry was inspired by Office Hours today? I noticed some potential similarities.

Can’t wait for next week!

(Possibly Batman) #3

Just keeps getting better and better. Absolutely loving this entire arc.

Also, Agni is the best :itmejpheart:

(Partor6) #4

Ramus almost didn’t make it though, I am so glad he did.

(ironulysses) #5

Would the constructs have attacked if Kali hadn’t made that slight of hand check?

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #6

Did Berg end up seeing anything in the bowl about Chuckles? I couldn’t tell if Max was joking or not when he said Berg looked for it, and I’m not sure if I missed it if it wasn’t…

(mwthecool) #7

As I said multiple times in chat, that was my first live episode of CoS ever (and maybe my first live FULL episode of Rollplay ever) thanks for making it a good one guys!

So, Adam… If you could choose any one actress to play Agni, who would it be? I was thinking Gwendolyn Christie could be an interesting choice.

Also, will the stairway to nothingness being built by the construct come back in this arc, or was that preplanning for something entirely different?

(FatalFlesh) #8

what is with the Demigod Agni only getting 1 attack? shouldnt she be all badass with cool abilities and spells and stuff?

(Partor6) #9

They didn’t really have the time, because the hulks emerged at that point

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #10

I love Agni’s personality so much. She’s the real MV-NPC of this arc.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #11

Aw. Hope Max remembers to try again next week. I need more Chuckles in my life.

(Space_Waffles) #12

Adam I aint falling for your “Utrix is dead” bs. I read Star Wars books, I know how this stuff goes

(Partor6) #13

I am so looking forward to previous episodes I am catching up with, because there hasn’t been chuckles yet, and I am curious what the big deal is about him/it/her/them(?)

(Possibly Batman) #14

Well she is a God of the Forge and smithing not combat. She appears to have God-level abilities, just none of them are useful in combat :stuck_out_tongue:

(TheWorklessGamer) #15

Great showing as always love it. Just a few points/questions.

  1. Their is no rule in 5e about moving half speed when stealthed. The only reference to that is a thief ability that gives advantage on stealth checks if the character moves half speed.
  2. If the hammer is just a +X hammer why does it require attunment? +X weapons don’t require attunment to allow characters to carry multiple back up weapons especially at higher levels.

(snip_cz) #16

Great show as always, awesome stuff Adam & cast! :itmejpgg:

So … on a scale “from 1 to Kalimat”, how much was everything Zeke’s fault? :itmejplol:

On a more serious and perhaps spoilery question… is the Utrix’s plane getting in trouble from 2 different sources (the broken fountain and the released prisoner) or it’s the same force?

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #17

Running from overwhelming threats?! They can be taught!

Fantastic episode, some random thoughts…

RIP goddess of the pantry, you died too soon. :cry:

Agni remains the most awesome NPC.

The Farang are fucking terrifying.

The crew is certainly living up to their reputation as servants of the Tower, even if it was sorta unintentional this time around. Powerful and arrogant the Sahir may be, it matters not; the Tower will have its due.

(mwthecool) #18

I’m in the same boat!

(AdamKoebel) #19

No, but I can see why you’d say that, now thaT I think about it!

(Possibly Batman) #20

So my thought is still that the 2 major incidents combined led to the release of the Evil Demon creature (forgot the name). The destruction of the fountain may have acted as a removing of the lock on the door Kalimat opened. But that is just my 2 cents :itmejplol: