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[COURT OF SWORDS // E57 // Q&A] Marked by Fire, Burned by Flame


(AdamKoebel) #1

the hot hot heart of the seclusium holds many mysteries

(Mr_Undergr0und) #2

First i am happy for the double crit at the beginning because now Berg got his arm fixed! Woooo!. Now im freaking out because illithid orb and darkness and madness. i can only wait because of that cliffhanger.

(kingofgriffons) #3

I really hope Sali or Kali write a book about their adventures and they become folk legends with awesome names like Berg: the Forsake Arm of Fire, Salihafa: the Seeker of Unknowable Truths and stuff.

(Space_Waffles) #4

I feel like it would make a lot of sense for Dan to become the fire cleric or whatever since they follow the Tower and fire as a means of the Tower’s destruction is prevalent theme in CoS. Great episode, was a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see what you do with the crystal again and how the three that are hallucinating will handle that

(TheWorklessGamer) #5

Agni may be my new favorite character, maybe its just my thing for redheads, but truly an amazing episode

(Possibly Batman) #6

WOW! What a start to a new year of Rollplay and Court of Swords. Thanks for the awesome show yet again and the incredible RP/Lore drops.

@AdamKoebel [spoiler]Did you already have Agni’s personality worked out or was that more of an on the spot thing? And is there a way for Berg to find out what some of these ‘side-effects’ for the new arm could be before they happen?[/spoiler]

All in all another :itmejp10: episode!

(Twitch: lifesylph) #7

Ramus will never fuck again. RIP.

What on Eutryx’s Plane is going on with those tarot cards that Kalimat is walking on?!

Its gonna be cool as heck to meet an old primordial “god” who didn’t bend to the will of the Bureaucracy of Heaven. Bet he’s gonna be grumpy.

(SoCutey) #8

I am so glad that Dan remembers some of the shit that happened in previous episodes. I was really hoping for the cast to tell Agni about the fire entity they have seen before so I am glad that Dan did ;D

(Qu4resm4) #9

What a LOREGASMIC episode, guys! Goddamn it was SO WORTH the wait =D

It was so great to see Dan remember the guy from the forge back at the gnome kingdom arc!
I’m betting the shadow guy was the other visitor in Utrix’s realm, might check back up the prep vod on Adam’s channel.

And most important of all: LAVA ARM BERG! HELL BERG! FUCK YEA =D I hope he somehow finds more power in it and learns new abilities or shit he can do with it.

Fuck, now to wait another week? THAT is rougher than Berg’s Life!

(Neribuz) #10

So after checking up on what the Forge domain gives you i found it interesting that it’s lvl1 ability makes a weapon or armor into a +1 magical untill next long rest.

so he can just make Bergs armor magical and rust monsters can’t eat it!

(Ty_martinez) #11

I really hope Ramus becomes a forge cleric now just so we can have more agni in the future such a good character would love for her to make future apperances. So @AdamKoebel m curious how much of this was just in the moment made up after JP got facinated by the magic of the lamp?

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #12

I’m so glad for the show to come back on such a super good episode! So excited to see more of it in the coming weeks, especially with the permanent addition of Zeke, and the announcement of the live show. Plus, I really love the lore dump episodes of the show. I feel like they open so many possibilities for the future. Berg’s got a new quest and a better arm, and Ramus got a cool boon, a nasty burn, and possibly the desire to plan a heist of Heavens shelves. The dynamic between the cast has never been better, and I’m really enjoying the new goal focused direction the shows taken.

(SoCutey) #13

Yeah, you’re right. He is a little like Hell Boy now that he has got that stone/lava arm :slight_smile:

(sythmaster) #14

I gotta say that Agni was a great NPC and really want to see her be a repeat NPC but not sure how that’d work… :disappointed:

(Possibly Batman) #15

Well, [spoiler]now that Agni is connected to the party in some way, it is highly likely we could see her again. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, the party can help complete the contract that keeps stuck there[/spoiler]

But yes, more Agni can only be a good thing IMO :itmejphappy:

(sinderfell) #16

I could imagine some kind of situation where (should Ramus change his domain to Forge) he shifts into a situation where instead of pulling his divine magic from an abstract concept like the Tower, his long rest involves communing on some direct level with Agni. It might not always be a process they’re both conscious of, but it could lead to her making appearances again down the road.

Of course, this obviously depends on what Dan wants to do and how Adam interprets this kind of thing for the setting. But for someone as materialistic as Ramus, it feels significant that he’s met with a divine figure he could tangibly interact with and gain information from. Maybe it’s the start of something new.

(DickEarthquak3) #17

@AdamKoebel i am very impressed how you spun your narrative together in this episode - its clear you’re making an effort to tailor some of whats going on to the PC’s current goals, which is great - Seeing the players who are actively making progress on things they are interested in makes for fantastic viewing.

(AdamKoebel) #18

a double crit? it can only go… downhill from here

(AdamKoebel) #19

redheads, red skin, semi-transparent hotties

(AdamKoebel) #20

I had a general idea of what she was like, her temperament, etc. As always, I kind of build some basics on the spot and expand there depending on what the players / chat seem to buy into.