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[COURT OF SWORDS // E53 Q&A] How Many Potencies?

Seven. There are seven.


Man I am loving this arc!

@AdamKoebel Can you give us an idea about how much XP will be reward for the differnt types of goals/quests? Just wondering about how quickly or slowly the party will be leveling.

As always, thank you for such an awesome show!

Hey Adam, first i wanted to say I’m loving this season, the lore and the world is so good.

Have you thought about doing a campaign guide for Court of Swords? It seems like you have a very deep world with lots of history to it, and i’m fascinated with the Arcana and Tarot cards system.

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because it’s one less potency. (>0-0)>

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I love this, everything is getting so much more color. We get to experience the different perspectives of the world, and now we get to see the new world in “action” with the quest from Inana. I really loved the scene in the outer plane… just a teaser for the things to come, yet we never get to see the full picture. The teasers make this so much more intriguing and inviting.

Starting to love this show more and more, and it wasn’t bad earlier either. Just building a stairway to the stars! :itmejpheart:

Do the wizards in the City of Brass have preferred schools of magic like player wizards do? If so, what are Inanna and Utrix’s favored schools?

Also, really loved the RP in this session. The magic stuff in court of swords always fascinates me, and I’m so glad the characters are trying to unlock the answers to some of the interesting questions we’ve had for a while.

Right now, I assign the quests a difficulty of easy, medium, hard or deadly. each one is worth 3x the XP of an encounter of the same difficulty.

They do not - they’ve definitely transcended the nature of PC Wizards.

When Wizards are around, anything can happen!


Love the episode and the way you weave the stories as always.

I’m curious about Khalimat, the tarot, and how it fits in the world. If I remember correctly from character creation, Khalimat is not an “official” reader of the tarot. Even if he doesn’t “fix” the cards, what does that mean about the reading? Is the tarot actually influenced by the Arcana, is it just a human construct that the Courts give out licenses for? Are their legitimate vs non-legitimate readings?

I’m just really curious what if any grounding all of this has, or if this is just a made ritual by people to give them direction where there is none.

Love the content as always.

Edit: Looks like I failed my roll to reply to the top level comment. :slight_smile:


So here’s the jam

  1. the fountain exists and is a source of near infinite divine magical power, unformed, gushing up out of the universe’s background radiation into the world.

  2. the arcana are a human attempt to understand and harness the fountain’s power

  3. fortune telling is a ritual way to tap into the flow of the fountain that has influence on the actions and circumstances of a person’s life

  4. “official” fortune tellers are a thing that society uses to reinforce the “do what the arcana wills” thing - part of being marked as official is that you’re willing to toe that line

  5. anyone can read fortunes. doing so without a license is illegal.


This was awesome, I can’t get enough of mysterious magic users. I know you’ve mentioned investing in the world in the past, starting up a shop, buying a house etc. I really liked the library thing, did you take influence from another RPG product or is this something you came up with? How happy did it make you seeing JP take meticulous notes?

I really like JPs character, he seems really into it. His enjoyment of the chaarcter really makes the audience experience better.

I love weird Vancian wizard types. So so fun. The library was a quick hack based on the systems of investment from The Nightmares Underneath!


Thanks Adam.

I was pretty close in my understanding, but glad to have it put down directly. Point #3 is the one I was most curious about.

Thanks for the details.

Enana or Anana? and where’d you get the idea for the name??

POTENTIALLY A SPOILER, but not sure, since I don’t know much about Adam’s version of Inanna. Added the spoiler tag just in case. The “goddess of love” part came very close to what Adam told us during the episode!

I believe it’s Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of love, [spoiler]beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, and political power[/spoiler], equivalent to the Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian goddess Ishtar (aka the deity who was the origin of the “christian” easter festival). (Wikipedia)


Also I just wanted to add Seclusium hype!

What questions do you think would be most interesting for JP to ask?

I would love to see if Azure could be brought back or where the orb is. However I know these don’t really make sense for his character to ask. He has such a huge power in his hands however he doesn’t have all the prior knowledge to get certain answers.

The cast was saying in the patreon vid that they felt the start was a bit slow. I just wanted to say it didn’t feel that way to me.

I did wonder why they were bothering with the bodies but it certainly wasn’t boring to listen to.

You got it. I started with Inanna and beauty and have spun it up and around from there.