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[COURT OF SWORDS // E53 Q&A] How Many Potencies?

Always useful to know where our impressions and that of the audience diverge. Thank you!

Thing about Azure Vortex - she died long enough ago that her soul is probably in a ten year old kid by now.


I know moving us forward in the future kind of killed that idea. Wihsful thinking I guess. Maybe the Elves have a time machine they can hop into and with 1.21 jiggawatts they can go back and change the past? Okay I’ll move on.

Really love the new style of the show, i was wondering Adam if players have som coins can they repair that inn where they are staying right now or maybe buy some other structure and invest, like they did with that library ?

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Sort of off-topic, and I’m probably misremembering something I saw a long time ago, but I thought I remember something about it being bad luck to read your own fortune. Possibly some other culture (non-asian) or diviniation-type thing I’m thinking of, but something I thought of.

I have yet to watch the Patreon video, but on the topic of it being slow in the beginning, I didn’t really notice too big of a difference compared to other episodes where there was little/no fighting in a session, and certainly couldn’t attribute it to the changes made to XP and whatnot.

They might, but I’m not sure it would be wise, considering the arcana they follow will literally destroy shit on a whim, and the fact that they have enemies (both mortal and ephemeral) that could come knocking at any time - they will probably want to be heavily on the move, or ready to.

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The preshow talk about the Punisher really made me wonder just how bad PTSD Berg has after everything he’s been through. Is he having recurring dreams of Azure Vortex getting chopped in half? Grim stuff if so.

I’m really curious about finding out how this heist/kidnapping mission will pan out. Raiding the lair of a Wizard (with the capital W) is gonna be dangerous.

“In the criminal justice system, unlicensed fortune readers are considered to be especially heinous. In the World, the dedicated magistrates who hunt down these vicious heretics are members of an elite squad known as the Xià Yû. These are their stories.

PS - Sorry, I had to.



im loving this arc and the new more rp focused sessions, one thing i just have to know if you are willing to answer.

Was the creature that the party got the quest from in inannas relm a elf/farang?

West Marches had something similar as well.

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I’m actually really interested in Berg / Azure’s reincarnation as a potentially interesting situation.


She is not.

Dude, this is a fucking awesome idea. A crack squad of city guards who hunt down and prosecute illegal fate dealers.


Absolutely. Fixing up an inn of that size would probably cost about 500gp

So, theoretically, if the party decides that their quest is ultimately a mistake/bad idea/whatever but they have effectively gone through the entire process of the quest, can they still “resolve” the quest in an effect contrary to the explicit intent (“Actually, we won’t give you the McGuffin, quest-giver!”) while still gaining the quest’s XP rewards? I’m thinking in the vein of open-ended video game quests that effectively reward you for the “journey” of the story/task even though the last choice of that arc throws you through a loop with alternate outcomes.

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Another great episode. Think the new structure is finally starting to show as well, the first couple of episodes felt more “well, best introduce the new characters and remind ourselves wtf is going on” but really felt like we got more into it properly now, with the goals actually driving players through the world rather than bumbling along

@Ezekiel_III playing that xp game right though, with the easy targets like “buy nice wine” (even if it didn’t work, I loved it as an idea) :itmejplol:

I think I want to be flexible around that kind of thing, as far as quests go, for sure. More the spirit than the letter of the quest.

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Rewatching the episode where Berg recieved his necrotic power you said it only works while he is raging. Since then he has been able to use it when he isn’t raging. Was this an oversight or a conscious change? I liked the idea that as Berg absorbs too many souls he has the option of “not corrupting out” by choosing not to rage. I think it would work as a great character development option.

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I think we have forgotten - he is in rage all the time usually. Thanks for the reminder!

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I agree there was some awkwardness and hesitation, but it felt natural for a new group finding their rhythm both in and out of character. I like all these characters and made a little song for them! Parody Tribute 3: Bergserker (Season Four)

Here from the VOD squad and i gotta say this episode was great. Good RP and the characters/players were actually preparing for their quest. Really enjoyable to watch/listen.

@AdamKoebel Would it be possible to have something that would be close to Azure Vortex, then kill the 10 year old kid to release her soul and then try to bring her back to her old form by using the personal item as a proxy of some kind? Or are the souls completely mushed and redone without any trace of old forms?