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[COURT OF SWORDS - E17 Q&A] The Bloody Halls of the Rock Gnome King


(AdamKoebel) #42

The ring is / was slowly malfunctioning, getting more and more dangerous! I have a countdown clock for it and everything.

(AdamKoebel) #43

The blowdart are technically just darts with some flavour. They're a one-handed weapon and the Rock Gnomes have no shield. They've got weapons in hand at all times.

(deSheepy) #44

Would love to see Max play a Kenku since he is good at mimicking other people's voices.

(TwoToneTerran) #45

Oh, fair enough! I thought they'd be using Blow Guns with the poison. My misunderstanding, then.

(NicVspz) #46

I mean, that's a thing you can say, but it's not at all relevant to what I said. This is about creating the best possible viewing experience. I have no doubt that when given the choice between seeing a black screen, or seeing what is happening, people would choose to see what is happening. This is not about beeing a hardcore OSR D&D player, it's about making the show the best visual roleplaying game show it can be.

(Itachi9000) #47

Out of all of the episodes that Adam has run, this honestly felt incredible unfair to the players. It seemed to me that this dungeon was never created to be beatable. If they could have rested then maybe they would have come out better, but the fact that Adam reiterated a few times that things will proceed even if they rest - and there being no safe place to rest - just makes it feel like it was a episode to intentionally try and TPK.

(corran1189) #48

I don't think I agree. Adam has always made that clear. "Your enemies don't stop just because you sleep." has been basically everywhere, but you have to factor that in. They might have broken through the one side with the spike growth and then holed up in the one room for at least a short rest.

(TwoToneTerran) #49

The problem here is they didn't know the quarters and enemies were as tightly packed as they were and kind of pincered themselves in between a medium encounter and a hard encounter, which turned into an INCREDIBLY hard encounter.

(Olf_Himself) #50

I'd love for @DansGaming to play a Paladin with the Protection fighting style. He could do some awesome combos with Berg's Reckless Attack.
Whatever they choose though I hope we get character creation videos because I love those.

(Karamor) #51

I wasn't paying attention to all of the show, but did they ever try to find a resting possibility?

Because this is as typical an old school D&D situation as you can get: Stuck in the middle of the dungeon, only a few doors away from the next enemy and trying to get in any time to regenerate.

Time pressure and the world moving on are also more or less baseline Adam, so going by what he said at the end, he seemed as if he expected them to rest and maybe not be in time for whatever's happening.

I'd say it's part of the learning curve of this kind of D&D. This is also not the show were you can half ass your knowledge of the rules, you forget how your class feature works and you die, so you exploit the shit out of any advantage you have.

(destraudo) #52

No they didn't try. The thing is this. Now i'm straight up not blaming adam but in the setting generally there has always been consequences to delays and resting. Even with the elf and the pyramid it was mentioned that had they chosen to rest before going out there the events there would have progressed without them. By a similar token they probably felt that if they stopped to rest in the enemy lair the rest would have almost certainly been interrupted and that in the intervening time the number of enemies and their preparedness would have increased so they just tried to push through.

It was without a shadow of a doubt one of the best struggles i have seen in rollplay ever. purely epic down to the last blow.

(entertherussian64) #53

This is a really cool idea, hope they do it!

(Oythebrave) #54

It could be cool to have the next two weeks set up the characters that end up as prisoners. Alternatively maybe have the new characters have a reason to be taking down the King and cross paths with Snidge.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #55

This is the best idea right here. Have them be captured at the end of the second episode.

I'm also not a big fun of resurrection, if they could do it then it really shouldn't be an option until much higher levels when they can do it themselves or have a ton of gold to pay for it.

(Monstercloud1) #56

I think the crew is undervaluing a bit how much a buffer/debuffer/controller would benefit the group. A NPC at 1 health is just as deadly as a PC with 20 health (can be applied to practically any game) and mechanically speaking, combat healing has the weakest potential of turning a situation around even on a good roll, aside from bringing up a downed character.

Just for example, removing the gnomes line of sight (fog cloud) would of been a huge boon to either force the gnomes to move up close whiling making the backline unable to progress further up/shoot into, or given a better chance to avoid AoOs while running away.

I could see JP playing a Valor Bard using his Inspiration dice to great effect, while sating his "I like to hit things" need he has for his characters.

(Twitch: johnnyt80) #57

Could they have JP sign in on Roll20 on a different browser and different account and give this character a token with a camera and unlimited sight and then just capture that map instead of JPs? Obviously some honour system of course as JP moves it around the map, but we would at least be able to see what all the players can see.

(banned) #58

That seems overly complicated for a setup that still breaks after 4 years.

No offense, but I personally don't think it'd be worth the hassle.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #59

I didn't think I would care but it was quite annoying. We can only hope JP's next character will have darkvision or maybe Adam will be a benevolent DM and have him find a magic item like the 'Goggles of Night' to grant nightvision. I know it's cheesy to find something like that but man would it make a lot of people happy.

(banned) #60

Adventurer's League allows you to find particular items.

CoS has never seemed to be that kind of world, and honestly I'd find it a cop out. It requires the players to think about their choices like anything else in the game.

(disusedgenius) #61

Finally managed to catch and finish the show and, holy fuck, nevermind the cast I feel knackered.

fwiw: I'd love to see Raimus get resurrected and become and anti-Sun God zealot, burned (heh) by his betrayal.