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[COURT OF SWORDS - E17 Q&A] The Bloody Halls of the Rock Gnome King


(AdamKoebel) #1

Truly, a nightmare in these hellish halls.

(Vantrasa) #2

All healers down hiding behind a pile of bodies... and then suddenly a shadow appears in the shape of a dwarf and kills all remaining pc's

(moenoel_) #3

Holy jumping shit sandwich on a pogostick with a side helping of jeebus with fuck sauce and crap salad. The edge of my fucking seat is fucking worn down to a sliver after this episode. That was intense.

RIP Gideon and Ramus. They were so close to making it out alive together, if the dice hadn't fucked them. :itmejps:

So how are the new characters gonna come in? Prisoners of the Rock Gnome King freed by what's left of the party? (Assuming they go deeper into the dungeon instead of noping the hell out.)

(Twitch: TilyPrice) #4

Great episode!

RIP Gideon, Rammus and Azure

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #5

Epic night! Gideon, the Hero we deserve. JP MUST roll another Druid.

(NicVspz) #6

It was an amazing episode, but you really should consider letting the players share their lines of sight, imho. Staring at a completely black map is not really conducive to a good viewing experience, and I feel like individual fog of war doesn't add too much to the gameplay anyway. That last fight was easily the best yet, and it's such a shame we couldn't see some parts of it.

(Twitch: greenseer88) #7

"and then suddenly a shadow appears in the shape of Stannis" FTFY

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #8

In D&D years past, you wouldn't get a map.

(Dementepingu) #9

Amazing show a true 10/10 :itmejp10: , and I'm sure the new characters will be equally awesome.

Would be cool to get a 3 man adventure since day9 is going on Holiday. Some epic small story that ends in one of the party members dead (the one played by gassy) and the other two getting captured. Then put into rock gnome's prison, only to escape and run into snidge and co.

(Rethix) #10

Was it realistic for them to make it through this dungeon, in one go? Was this a doomed endavour, from the start? Did you expect them to make it, as far as they did?

(Force508) #11

Holy shit what an amazing episode, Thank you for such an amazing story arch and show. My question for this week is how will the story evaluate since Snidgetron decided to nap in the room at the END of the long single file hall, aren't there going to be guards or other Dark Gnomes coming to drop by any time soon since I doubt they killed EVERYONE in the dungeon. So the actual question is, will Snidgetron manage to stay up until Azure and Berg wake up or are there going to be guards showing up and capturing/killing the few survivors of the party?

Once again, Thank you all cast members for putting on such an amazing show and especially for our fallen Tanks of the party, also known as Giant "HeHeHyena" Gideon the Tank, and the Great dodger of the Sun Ramus for taking up all those attacks and helping the remainder of the team survive this hell hole that is the Rock Kings Dungeon.

(destraudo) #12

That session is literally the embodiment of the reason i watch rollplay and try and turn people onto it. Edge of your seat stuff for 4 hours. I think everyone in the party including npc's had moments of pure badassery and heroism and failure.

I do wonder with 2 dead and third away for 2 weeks what the plan is though. epilogue from berg pov at start of next round set weeks later? Snidge has vanished to deal with the emotional toll of what happened(and will return in 2 weeks irl time) . Berg driven by desire for revenge looks for fighters to test on a 2 session quest before all return together to take another stab?

(KidCronos) #13


This was certainly a tense and exciting episode. Someone mentioned in chat (their name was lost in the sea of biblethump) that perhaps one of them could takeover Azure (if they don't make a new character).

Also, gotta remember next session to remove the ring from Gideon.

(Karamor) #14

Well, as Adam pointed out, they were supposed to rest, but just pressed on. So no, it was not to be expected that they live after three hard fights.

They came out better than expected in the end.

(Ty_martinez) #15

The question now is will we continue this adventure to kill the rock gnome king or will we begin a new adventure well see next week. Great show adam literally just combat for 4 hours.

(Dasdagger) #16

As Adam said it, they went from hard encounter, to hard encounter, to hard encounter, without resting, pretty sure that tallies up to deadly encounters, and they did lose half the party, so I don't think it was realistic for them to go through it in one shot, long rests would've been needed I think.

(Tb64) #17

Amazing stuff. The heroic fall of Gideon and Ramus, the two most unlikely heroes. Ramus' shield probably looked like a car accident afterwards.

I can see the next episode, starting with Berg and Azure walking in to the Court of Coins after our gnome friend leaves the group due to shell shock.

This was me during their final moments - Zeke's Darkest Dungeon Clip:

(jonnyb3ta) #18

Adam, I catch as many shows as possible with my hectic work schedule, and I just wanted to say your story-telling abilities never cease to amaze me. You are absolutely astounding. I've always wondered how much of what you do is thought up on the spot and how much you think about behind the scenes? Watching your GM Turns in the past, I know you do a staggering amount of work bringing the universes you play in to life.

For example, the entire scene with the smith, the number of references to smithing, fire, metal, bellows.. from the sights, sounds, and feel it just completely brought that character to life in a rich, beautiful way.

Thank you, I hope you're able to do this for as long as you enjoy it. I'm amazed every time I get to watch and you're fantastic at it!

(Dasdagger) #19

So Adam, with half of the party members dead and the other in rough shape, would you say that they need a Docotr perhaps (I remember that accent and those green eyes, he came back from the West didn't he?)

(EpicHarbinger) #20

Is there anyway for the audience to view your Roll20 game screen ON Roll20 or could you stream your view of Roll20 rather than hosting JP? Is there a way to suggest this functionality to the Roll20 devs, or is it a thing they might already be looking into?