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[COURT OF SWORDS - E17 Q&A] The Bloody Halls of the Rock Gnome King


(Olf_Himself) #21

Holy crap, amazing episode. I'm exhausted.

(AdamKoebel) #22

We're going to have to work that out. The prisoner thing is a classic, and definitely an option.

(AdamKoebel) #23

There isn't, currently, and sharing the view with JP gives a tactical advantage that skews the way darkness works in the game. I think it's just something we'll have to chalk up to immersion. Maybe y'all can convince JP to play something with darkvision next time 'round.

(AdamKoebel) #24

Thank YOU for watching! I try to keep the game as interesting as possible and add little bits and pieces of detail that I think will help amplify the mood or theme I'm going for. It's always nice to hear that it's working.

(JimB0b0) #25

Hey Adam, I noticed when you rolled damage for Azure Vortex the numbers came out as 6 bludgeoning+ 6 bludgeoning and then they took 6 damage and not 12. Was this something to do with the way crits are rolled for monks? It looked like the way damage was rolled when there is a crit even though Azure didn't get a crit with either rolls

(Asagaetis) #26

Adam, I had a question about the nature of those animated armors. If someone were to use a Dispel Magic spell on them, what would happen? Are the armors constructed in a way that would have an affect on them? Amazing show btw, 10/10.

(SomethingSylo) #27

Those dodge actions were really powerful, It's almost like the players only found out about it this week. I have the feeling we'll see a lot more dodging from now on.
Great episode :slight_smile:

(Asagaetis) #28

I really wonder why they thought they had to do it all in one go? If they got attacked in their sleep, so what? Wouldn't it be worth the risk?

(TheDesec) #29

What if JP and Dan roll forest gnomes and join the cause? HIGH PITCHED VOICES EVERYWHERE!

R.I.P Gideon and Ramus!

(BorisIgnatievich) #30

I missed the very start of the session, just watching it now to catch up. I love how Ramus told his god he would lay down his life to help his friends, and that's exactly what happened.

Such a tense session though, was great to watch. At one point you had Berg 0 HP but stable, Persnidgetron 1HP, Gideon 1HP, Azure 1HP, Ramus 3HP iirc fighting 4 guys, how any of them lived from that point I have no idea.

Now if only Sean could roll more than a 6 on an attack roll it could have been different :itmejplol:

(Berg_on) #31

Literally awesome episode. Had me on the edge of the seat the hole time.

(tehseek3r) #32

is it possible to know what the mechs where? was that a custom monster?

(TwoToneTerran) #33

Absolutely heart pumping session. Really sad to see Ramus and Gideon go, but at least JP will get to roll stats now. :smiley:

Mechanics question for you, Adam: I noticed that the Rock Gnomes/Deep Gnomes were allowed to opportunity attack on Gideon with War Picks after shooting at the team with the Blow Gun -- a loading weapon they would need a free hand to keep firing like they did. Was this an oversight or intentional?

(Dasdagger) #35

Hey Adam, do you think you'd allow monstrous races from Volo's guide for this campaign, or are there some races that are getting the elf treatment (a too adventurous Kenku might've found himself in the caves of the rock gnome king)

(Dasdagger) #36

Probably the animated armors from the Monster manual page 19

(Thomathan36) #37

Adam, in the Ep 14 Post Show Discussion, at 10 minutes you say Gideon can approach Remus and Berg, but they can't approach him. So, were the ring shocks in the last 2 episodes when Gideon tries to help Berg because the ring is damaged? Or was it just the case of forgetting an unwritten mechanics decision?

(Awikan) #38

I was about to rave how Azure Vortex was MVP but to be fair, everyone played their hearts out man! I hope they decide to resurect Gideon and Ramus they have to be in my top 5 for favourite PC's!
PS: Rollplay MVP, every week gets better and better!

(sinderfell) #39

I'm kind of hoping we come back from the off-weeks to see the group try and bring their fallen friends back to life, if not for the characters then to see what the setting would require for that to even happen.

I think I remember Adam saying at one point the warlock class was locked off "for the time being." I'm wondering if there's a theoretical chain of events where they're somehow talked into making a deal with our mystery Mara to bring the character back to life, but the class/source of their magic has been changed.

(pyrotex14) #40

Hey @AdamKoebel or @itmeJP , just watched the Patreon video and I just thought I'd throw an idea out there. If you decide to do a two-shot with temp chars, maybe we could see a "evil" storyline? For instance, we know there's a necromancer king out there doing stuff. Maybe y'all could play as some of his agents, or even agents of the Mara. It would be pretty neat to get to learn more about the antagonistic forces of the setting from a different perspective. And hey, depending on how the adventure went maybe the "evil" pcs could return as enemies in the future? I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be rad as shit, but I couldn't not vomit this idea out, haha

(AdamKoebel) #41

Just an error with her macro!