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[COURT OF SWORDS // E138 // Q&A] never give up and good luck will find you


(AdamKoebel) #1

deep rp and also silly jokes about a dragon

(TwilightBorealis) #2

So if they take a bunch of voidcoins and melt them down, could they forge god-killing weapons? I know they would need a really great smith for that, if only they knew a flame goddess who could handle that.

(adamkhaledbadr1) #3

I said this during the Show but just random question wouldn’t the dwarf show gratitude by letting Berg introduce himself first as a sign of showing him he considers him stronger?

(adamkhaledbadr1) #4

he said maybe they don’t have the tech, so we don’t know what secret ways for voidforging there are. And Agni does not know much about the Void

(Niloxofasgard) #5

how do dragon work in CoS universe again ? are they all basically primordial gods from their own element? also are all airfolks more chill and fun unlike the fire folks?

(TwilightBorealis) #6

Well the army of undead don’t have the forging technology, but the party has dwarves and a forge goddess. And while Agni doesn’t know about the void, she knows about metal.

(adamkhaledbadr1) #7

they are demi-godish. They are not fully Gods, they are more like aspects of Primordials

(adamkhaledbadr1) #8

Adam can decide either way really because there is no real precident yet

(Zenesectling) #9

Hey @AdamKoebel I have to ask you this so please bare with me:
You mentioned in chat that Sen is a ‘‘God’’ how’s that possible?
Do you think Kalimat will make an appearance anytime soon?
Why did the Necromancer King side with Gravedirt if he and Ramus are like side dealing in the dark?
Was Kalimat a Sky Dragonborn or Thunder?
You think Loom (or Lume sorry if I butchered the name) knows Bahath?
How is the place where the dead spirits of Velimir, Zephyra and Baern not Su Fon Tin? (the first place where they were at. Also it’s like considered a city because it had it’s own Knight, King, Queen and Paige)

(AdamKoebel) #10

deities of varying intensity. they’re a bit like uhhh, the river dragon in I wanna say Spirited Away?

(AdamKoebel) #11

he was giving up information expecting none in return, so it was more a gift than anything

(AdamKoebel) #12

I’m not sure I understand!

Kalimat is up in heaven being an egg!

Because he has lots of irons in the fire! Plans within plans.


Lum definitely does, yep!

It was a village. The spirits were captured there but brought north.

(kingofgriffons) #13

I don’t really have any questions, I just wanted to say this episode was really good. I mean they all are, but this one especially because we got to see the characters be kinda good guys. I really love the Ramus character arc of shitty priest, to murder hobo priest, to nihilist, to selfish cult leader, into maybe now like actually a kinda good religious leader, if such a thing is possible. I love Maharib struggling with how to see Ramus. He made the deal to guard him while he was still a kinda like downer void nihilist, but then he went culty, and Maharib really hates it. Berg solid as always, good for him to see some good dwarves. And Ten Pillars, always the enigma. We know his heart’s true desire is the Empire of Coins, but right now he seems to maybe be going against that. Or idk, maybe he wants to hitch the World Empire onto the Harmony train and accomplish world pacification that way. So yeah, thanks Adam and cast, this is an amazing campaign.

(sythmaster) #14

So cool to see the interactions of the dwarfs, and what a concept to be at a high enough level where Ramus can do resurrection on a whim. Like, " o yeah, I can do that. sure." High-level campaign issues. wow.

I am curious though, given how the Human side of that spell works, you were leaning in a different direction about like Dwarves and the Messenger bag, and the need for the soul “to be willing” to come back… Would this have worked on a non-dwarf? I’ve got some metaphysical questions Adam, where’s your Roll20 flowchart :stuck_out_tongue: !! Also, you mentioned like the dwarf’s tattoos all came back? That’s interesting. Like death doesn’t invalidate oaths for dwarves here or something, but for Berg they did. Like the oaths over the years that are taken and written onto yourself never leave. That’s super interesting. But it would have also been intersting to see a dwarf comeback and be “free of all oaths & debts both to those owed and those who owe you” like… talk about someone having a dwarven existential crisis!

Spoiler Comment/Question on GM Prep not used yet

I’m super interested now about Maharib seeing what Emira is up to after seeing the anger from todays session. Like, wow. its going to be great.

Lastly, here y’all go:

(stevenx) #15

I kind of feel like I ran out of questions some time ago so I just keep posting “this show is very good”.

Also, this show is very good.

I am happy we are getting more of a look at the Dwarves. We’ve seen surprisingly little of them over 138 episodes, really. I sure hope they don’t find out where Berg got that armor.

(Twitch: Brooster) #16

The discussion of Void Iron in the show today reminded me that I’ve wanted a better idea of what the Wicked Edge of the Void looks like for a while now. So I tried my hand at making a design; happy to take feedback or correction especially if this is not in alignment with canon.

(adamkhaledbadr1) #17

that is really good. the blade part is more or less how i imagined it but i always thought the handle was more like a purple mess of a handle, because it kept shapeshifting before maharib took it. becuase this looks more like a stick of metal. but the blade is reaaaaaal cool

(TwilightBorealis) #18

Canonically, it was described as a “blacksteel axe”, “wicked axe”, and a “battle axe” when it was first introduced. I tend to think of it more as an execution axe, though a headhunting axe would be fine too. Your design looks like an execution axe with a battleaxe on the other side, which is cool. Some of the shaping isn’t very practical (which is common in fantasy designs). Here are a couple of videos that look at fantasy axes and point out design weaknesses/strengths. I think you have a strong starting point though!

(Olf_Himself) #19

I wish I was a dwarf.

(Twitch: Brooster) #20

Before I continue, I should say that I neglected at first to express my excitement to see other design ideas if anyone feels like taking a shot at this. This was as much a way of illustrating some of my thoughts as anything else; if someone wants to borrow them, great! If not, also great! If someone put something different (and in all likelihood, much better) together I’d love that - I just want to know what this thing looks like, as I said!

@adamkhaledbadr1 that’s completely accurate, haha, the handle is totally a placeholder. Honestly I had to re-draw the lines to re-orient the blade (so the circle on top is off-kilter; this doubtless contributes to the overall completely messed up perspective of the illustration, hah!

It would be interesting to do something with the handle to represent the relationship between the Great Green Worm and the Void; only after I had mostly finished did it occur to me that the blade could be modified somewhat to become/contain a representation of the Worm itself. Maybe the attachment point of the head could wrap the haft to represent the Worm “coiled around the Void?” Perhaps the haft could be a bit of a hyperbolic curve toward the pommel, which might contain a spiral/whorl symbolic of The Void? I might work on the handle once I get the head refined a bit.


I dig that; I’ll try to work some of these in. Particularly, I’m not attached to the left portion especially (it’s upside-down, for one thing) so I could certainly make changes there - leaning toward more of a modified headhunter-style blade.

I’m familiar with Shad; I was kind of leaning on the exotic/magic nature of the material to permit an unfeasible design: esp. that magical hyper-rigidity and hyper-resilience would allow a hanging edge/thin anchor point to be as durable as a full-bladed design. As Shad discusses in the vid, a six or eight pound axe is absolutely enormous especially to wield one-handed. That said, this does lack scale; my thought was that the actual size of the blade could be larger by removing material on the spine; as a result the blades here are intended to be rather enormous - substantially longer than those of Kratos’s axe (see below image with size reference) while relying on extending the cutting mechanics of a bearded axe.

(right-hand blade is over 50cm!)

Sorry to hit you with a dissertation, lol. I’m kind of thinking on the keyboard - I hope it isn’t coming out as “no, but” reaction :sweat: I am taking your recommendations seriously, just also curious whether any of those points make any sense to you. If you don’t think so, I’ll take your word since you have a better understanding. I’m just tossing ideas around.

Thank you both for the feedback, you’ve given me a lot of food for thought!