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[COURT OF SWORDS // E138 // Q&A] never give up and good luck will find you


(TwilightBorealis) #21

No, I totally understand. In terms of the fantasy elements, I was mostly speaking of the hand-facing spikes and the inward spike on the left-hand portion. If the spike weren’t inward-facing but instead faced upward, it could be used for thrusting. The same would hold true if you flipped it vertically as you mentioned, but then the spike would be facing the hands and make it a little more difficult to use the cut-in for hooking. I really like the idea of asymmetric sides with different purposes, like in many polearm designs. I certainly didn’t take your response as a “no, but”, as I hope you did not take my original post as something overly critical. As I said before, I think the design has room for improvement, but features many great elements already.

(nichmehranon) #22

Having just spent the last 3 months watching CoS for the first time, I’m glad to say I have finally caught up.
I hope to be sticking around till the end, thank you Adam and all of the cast, for making this enjoyable story.

I don’t have any questions today, except maybe on the topic, if this Q&A is supposed to kept clear off spoilers and speculation. Just to know what not to ask in the future.

(Elyoslayer) #23

I was thinking the axe looked something like this, in my head at least.BRgSSCS