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[COURT OF SWORDS // E111 // Q&A] A Whole Lot of Blood


(AdamKoebel) #1

can someone pass me a towel?

(Possibly Batman) #2

God Damn! What a fucking episode.

RIP Maharib, Yotta, and Amira o7

(Ventus24) #3


ok so i have questions from last week as well lets start

1 if circumstances were different and the intire party gave some of there blood each to Gun princess what would of happend? would she have turned into a weird creature thats part half orc part lexicon part gaint and part whatever ramus is currently? becuase im my mind im picturing a gaint lexicon with green skin

2 if maharib were to give bugfucker some of his blood would his mind and bodly abilities be restored or would he end up like gun princess?

3 something i was wondering if the party wanted tho would they be able to go killing people giving them there blood wait for them to resurrect and make a army that way?

4-6? something ive been wondering in the realm of light whenever people either mention the Mara for self profit or theres someone really at the end of there rope etc the they always tend to appear i was just wondering 1 do they have a way of knowing when people talk about them and 2 do they have some kind of way to sence when a person is lost in there own despair ???

7 if the only way to travel between the realm of void and light is via the viens and the viens appear at random then how do the mara always seem to be able to show up at the absolute worse possible times for the party and the best times for the enemies?

8 so something ive been wondering does time in the void pass the same as it does in the realm of light or when the party finally gets back to the realm of light will 50 or 100 years have passed even tho the party has only been in the void for a few weeks?

9 what are the Judges stats? also WTH is he?

10 what kind of creature did you make the flesh crafter into

11 soo is ramus infected with whatever aorta is now ??

12 where do you get this morbid creativity its great but soo disgusting?

13 will aorta come back at the end of the cycle

14 will yotta and mahrib come back with cycle?

15 will gun princess come back now thats shes been affected by mahribs blood?

16 you said peviously that heaven was far out of the party’s reach if that true how did (bergs prayer ?) reach heaven?

17 soo how much of this did you have (what if scenarios) planed out for?

18 so when/if Aorta comes back with the cycle will he change due ingesting ramus and possibly ingesting his blood from ramus’s open wounds???

(Zenesectling) #4

Hey @AdamKoebel wasn’t Enhaka from Utrix’s Realm some type of Major Mara Demon or was he THE Mara?
Also you did the whole Tulpa’s Conduit (Chai’s Hammer which was a hidden weapon in game) , Nameless as Hasan and the circles of Zerthimon were from Torment weren’t they?
Plus how does this work for the Mara didn’t you say if they came near to a Vein they would disintegrate?
Also is it possible for a Warlock to become a Lich and or something like a Saheer?
And hope you had a nice trip to Poland heard it was cold there

(Scara29) #5

One hell of an episode. I was in no way emotionally ready for PC deaths, I’m still reeling from emotion pack films and tv shows at the weekend and then tonight’s episode of Court of Swords happened… WELP I’m just going to go cry myself to sleep now…

Honestly though it would be cool if someway, somehow the death of this place worked for Maharib and Yotta even if they came back changed slightly as I really loved these characters and we were just starting to know their stories. However JP and Zeke come up with the coolest characters so if they roll up new characters for next time I look forward to seeing them and getting to know them.

(stevenx) #6

I’ve been hoping for some more bizarro world combat and boy that boss monster didn’t disappoint.

This episode was gross. Very good.

(apepi) #7

Now I wonder what would happen if bug fucker saw the mirror.

(Olf_Himself) #8

Not to push anyone in a particular direction but the party is severely deficient on the charisma front. A Sorcerer or Paladin would fit nicely in with the current line-up.

(lady8jane) #9

Did we ever see a paladin on the show?

(Twitch: Brooster) #10

I think Grave Dirt is a lich, although I don’t know if she’s a warlock, if that’s the main thing you’re asking. i have to think it’s possible, if only because a warlock could go visit the Necromancer King and make a deal.

(Possibly Batman) #11

I believe so. During a side arc, which later met up with Berg for a short time. Azriel, iirc, was an aasimar Paladin

(AdamKoebel) #12

The changes are more interior than that, and you can just dump a bunch of blood into someone and make a super mutant. She’d probably just have died.

The transfusion was only possible because Gun Princess was in the eclipse state - not capable of the moon’s return bringing her back. It wouldn’t work on Bugfucker.

See above.

The Mara are exceptionally good at seeing where weakness lives in the hearts of the people of The World. This is their main and most significant talent, and they can use it across time and space.

The Mara don’t actually travel to The World. That doesn’t happen. They send visions, hauntings and bad energy back, in the same way the Juice comes to The World.

I guess we’ll find out.

He’s a modified Herald of Blood from the Tome of Beasts (I believe.

He wasn’t a creature, he was an object.

Nope, but it’s not exactly as if they went through a decontamination procedure on the way out. Probably a little bit of Aorta-stuff left sticking somewhere.

I watch a lot of movies, honestly.

See above re: we’ll see.

Berg didn’t pray for what he got, Heaven is keeping an extra special eye on our green boy.

Next to nothing, honestly. I have a pretty good handle on wringing the most use out of what prep I did.

Again, it’s not just about drinking or consuming their blood. It’s a process.

(AdamKoebel) #13

The mirror shows people their previous incarnations, and people of the Void have no soul.

(AdamKoebel) #14

The big pit fiend dude was a demon, servant of the mara but not one of the Mara himself.

The refugees that lived in Utrix realm did indeed believe him to be the reincarnation of their ancient messiah. That’s the only thing that ties this campaign to Torment!

The energy of the Fountain is anathema to the Mara, yeah.

I figure anyone can become an undying monstrosity of they try hard enough.

it was pretty hot, actually!

(Olf_Himself) #15

Yep, Azriel was an Aasimar Vengeance Paladin.

(Zenesectling) #16

One more thing @AdamKoebel how come you guys can’t find a replacement for someone take place like have a mini arc while one of the original cast members is away?

(sythmaster) #17

That’s not an Adam question - that’s a production question. Also, with Adam being one of the original cast members, maybe its nice to have a break every now and then. Especially when prep needs to be reworked. :wink:

(AdamKoebel) #18

God bless you, sythmaster

(Womprats) #19

Hey could someone summarize our understanding of what “juice” is, and how it works / what it can do? Think I was half-asleep during some Bugfucker conversations in a previous episode and missed it a bit.

(Alligatorfckhouse) #20

Every time I hear Adam talking about the juice all I can think of is Hub’s Restaurant from SNL