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[Court of Swords // E107 // Q&A] Making Strange New Friends


(AdamKoebel) #1

so many chances for new friends!

(Ventus24) #2

@AdamKoebel so lets start

1 just curiuos if one of the players wanted to make a goal - make it so people stop resurecting with the moon would that be a viable goal or is it beyond them?

2 if heaven want everyone to become apart of the fountain why would they curse someone to be unable to die ?

3 how would the king of reacted if yotta let her know there were 3 others in the city that came with him from the realm of light?!?!?

4 now thats she is aware that yotta came from another realm will she be smart enough to ask if he arrived with anybody or to ask yotta if he arrived with anyone

5 if the void realm has next to no info on the courts how did they form the same court system in the void?

6 what would of happened if yotta had befriended and freed that wolf/lyhkin thing?

7 did the jugde know berg was from the realm of light once he activated his hammer? or just curoius?

8 just curious would you say yotta is in safer/better position or is berg and the others better since there not " a captive/pet"?

9 if nobody dies in the void realm why is death considered a punishment ? when its a minor inconvenience?

10 is there a significant reason know one has a normal name in the void?

11 if know one dies and know one is born in the void where did the people come from? 12 were they created and forgot? Or is everyone originally from another realm and they’ve just been hear so long and died so many times that know one remember? excluding the mara im assuming the originated in the void

(TwilightBorealis) #3

Someone in chat reminded me that our dear friend Kukrit had his soul taken by mara. Might we see Kukrit again in the Court of Void?

(Zenesectling) #4

@AdamKoebel How can a Genasi be of a void? I know it’s void touched but does that mean they got possessed by the Mara or something else?
Also in the world where Berg, Ramus, Maharib and Yotta come from is it possible for someone to be born with let’s say father being a possessed by the Mara and the mother to be normal? For example a Dragonborn?

(AdamKoebel) #5

Void Genasi are just super special humans touched by the Void!

(Zenesectling) #6

Oh thank you, and the other question?

(AdamKoebel) #7

oh! I have no idea! :smiley:

(MikeBalzary) #8

On his previous character, zeke started a invasion that destroyed the biggest city in the courts with the turn of a door handle, how fun it will be if he starts a full on mara invasion because he shared too much information with the courts, despise all npcs he met telling the party to not tell anybody they are from the other side. It will be de destruction of the courts, or even heaven? I cant wait to see how this develops.

(Zenesectling) #9

Fair enough so it could be, would you allow a character like that to be playable?

(Narf) #10

A cycle is too short for rot.
So if like the bricks one have to use juice to make the corpses permanent to stay long enough for the maggots to feed off, to rot, death is a thing. But that’s been stated to not be a thing. What is going on?

Will chuckles return?
Will Maud make a return?
Will Maharib and Niy niy ever marry(:stuck_out_tongue:) ?
Is Agni seeing all this through Remus, being rather confused?
Is heaven seeing all this through Berg being equally confused?
And the real question for soon a hundred episodes since chat exploded that one time… Will Berg ever marry Azure Vortex?

(Olf_Himself) #11

Adam, if a void person was killed with Fountain magic would that affect the resurrection process?

(AdamKoebel) #12

That’s a pretty huge and fundamental part of the way this Court works, but they’re PCs so who knows?

Heaven didn’t make this place.

Probably she would want to hunt them down, too!

She might, she’s definitely smart and wants to know everything she can.

I cover that in my GM prep!

He’d either have a great friend or be eaten.

They recognize the power of the Fountain when they see it, at least.

It depends on how he handles it! He’s definitely valuable to them.

Death hurts.

They all do have normal names. Not weird names like Bert and Ramus.

everyone here has been here forever

(AdamKoebel) #13

let’s find out!

(AdamKoebel) #14

Juice infusions can do all kinds of cool stuff.


She never went anywhere. She’s doing her thing with Negaberg.


They’re well out of Agni’s reach now.

See above.

She’s dead.

(Zenesectling) #15

Maud is now possessed by the Mara so the cycle is broken for her right?
And what does a Void Genasi have to do with the Mara? Is that like the teritory of Mara? Or like some type of Mara?

(Narf) #16

Thanks, I was not expecting answers to most of those questions. Looking forward to see more of flesh-crafting, juice-infusions, and the court of the void/ your world in general.

(AdamKoebel) #17

they co-locate the court of the void.

(TwilightBorealis) #18

Additional question: are maximalists those who modify their bodies to the limit? As opposed to naturalists who don’t do such modification? That was the vibe I was getting, especially with the talk of artistry and flesh/bone work.

(Mr_Undergr0und) #19

If the concept of parents and births don’t exist in this realm, how does the form of children exist? If age means nothing and people don’t grow up, where did the knowledge of children originate in this realm? From reading previous messages, you said everyone had been here forever, yet you said in a gm prep that the Mara existed as long as Heaven or something else? (Got to catch up on the facts). Has that knowledge simply been forgotten over the millennia with people having their minds wiped after living in this plane so long?

(AdamKoebel) #20

Everyone’s been here since here was a thing. So like, the King we met has always been “a little girl” and the “old lady” has always been that way since she was created, barring the work of Fleshcrafters.