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[COURT OF SWORDS // E101 // Q&A] Through a Mirror


(TwilightBorealis) #21

Are you still going on a D&D talk show this week to discuss episode 100? If so, when and where will that happen?

(Neibros) #22

The stuff with the Mara and hun and po is fun to look at through sci-fi analogs.

If everyone in the world of the courts believes that the soul is a person, and the body and memories are just the things that cling to the true soul, then if the Mara are only body and memory without fountain soul fuckery, then they’d be something like an artificial person.

Then the question is if the hun and po idea of a soul is actually an elemental truth of the reality of the courts, or if the fountain is an entity of it’s own, separate from the basic laws of existence, and caused things to be this way by coming here.

The fountain could be a whale carcass on the seafloor, with the only life around being a whole environment built up in and around it, feeding off it for ages, until all the dead animal has been turned into live animal again and fucks off somewhere else.

Fun stuff

(AdamKoebel) #23

this is
so cool
i love it

(philipov) #24

As far as sci-fi analogies go, the obvious one for me is that The Fountain is a White Fountain, the inverse of a Black Hole. Which would imply the Mara are worshipers of a dark star.

(sythmaster) #25

Just realized, going off of You and @GassyMexican 's discussion in the post about exploring Fear w/ Berg that at lvl 12 he’ll have an option for Ability Increase - or a feat. While 20 Str would be nice, the Resilient Feat might be interesting to get Berg proficiency in Wisdom and +1 in Wisdom which might help w/ those fear saves? Instead of -2, it’d be a +2 save… :wink:

Not sure if a mechanical reward is what both of you were curious with though.

(stevenx) #26

I would have been tempted to look in the mirror and play it off as some kind of “Boromir almost stole the ring when Frodo fell down” moment.

(Elyoslayer) #27

Now that i think about it, Ramu’s goal is to find where the Mara came from, this Mirror shows you your past lives, if Ramu’s new soul comes from a Mara then this can work. Ramus has a pretty good save modifier for that roll, as long as there is someone else helping by casting Greater Restoration on Ramus every time he fails the roll, he can keep finding things about the Mara if he can keep succeeding on that roll, probably.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #28

Great episode. At first I was like oh no did Adam reskin the Deck of Many Things as the mirror. I was also thinking I was sad they didn’t recognize the wraiths until I saw the post show.

The end of the post show was hilarious and I was laughing so hard but I still hope JP doesn’t take Berg’s thunder.

(ridania) #29

Are you planning to change how you plan fights to account for Maharib’s ability to go nova like crazy?

(I guess the Giant fight was sort of adjusted for that)

(profnesbitt) #30

So I’m trying to remember how reincarnation works here. So there is a lower and upper soul and when someone dies it goes to heaven is cleansed and eventually put into a new body. But is it just the upper soul that is cleansed and carries the karma/dharma from past lives. Is the lower soul new with each body, does it dissipate upon death, where does it go? So if the mirror shows your past life, it’s connected to seeing the body your upper soul inhabited, since Ramus’ upper soul is now a necroball I’m really curious what he sees if he can make the wisdom save.

(TwilightBorealis) #31

Go back and watch Max’s face during that scene, and then Dan’s smirk towards the end of it. It is great.

(profnesbitt) #32

I know it won’t happen and strategically it would be a nightmare to do but it would be awesome if it culminates with each person one on one vs their old character (with Yotta against his father).

(Olf_Himself) #33

Yes the upper soul carries the Karma. Ramus’ lower soul was what was eating his body trying to dissipate into the general universe.

(Elyoslayer) #34

It’s not that hard, the characters already exist, all you have to do is play the fight out, you just bring them up to the current level, choose the most approriate canon spells and go for it

(profnesbitt) #35

Three of them are undead “wraiths” though. That’s the part I find the most interesting about it. I don’t think just leveling them would handle that scenario.

(Serotriptomine) #36

How exactly do you determine the terrain map image you use? Is this something that takes a minimal amount of time?

I would suggest if possible, to create minimalist or somewhat transparent tiles, that you can move around on the fly (like you did with the boulder images) to place on difficult terrain for less confusion and more emphasis around player movement. If you wanted to double down could also use and or assign height values to things as well or create markers for general placement.

Love the show.

(Elyoslayer) #37

I mean, there are 3 options for that, 1st option is to take an existing monster and asign the skills to it, 2nd case it to make them normal characters and just roleplay their attacks to be more “ghost like” and the 3rd and most obnoxious option is to probably create 3 different unique class variants with custom spells, which is horrendously time consuming, it took me a day of brainstorming and a lot of testing just to create 1 custom class variant with original spells and mechanics. The 1st options is very fast, just bring the characters up to level and put your fantasy to work in roleplaying.

(TwilightBorealis) #38

On top of that, option 2 is not best suited to the system. Adam has said time and again that D&D 5E is not built/balanced with PvP in mind. Just another reason why option 1 is preferable.

(Fimbulwolf) #39

Maybe I missed something, but didnt Ramus recieve an additional ring in episode 99? Did he ever attune to it?

(Blisz_) #40

@AdamKoebel @itmeJP

You guys talked about rage in the post show. Sage advice says it does get resistence from magical sources from bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing. Or is it a homebrew rule for CoS? Just don’t want Berg and Max getting nerfed and for JP not to explore multiclassing.

  • “Magic weapons don’t bypass the resistance granted by Rage. The feature’s text would say if they did”

  • “Rage gives you resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage—no matter the source of that damage.”

  • Q “so even if the damage is from a spell it can be resisted?”

  • A “Yes”

First quote

Second and third quote