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[COURT OF SWORDS // E100 // Q&A] The Big 100th


(AdamKoebel) #21

He can’t find the monkey with scrying, lol. Also it’s not about good things it’s about doing what you are fated to do - following heaven’s plans

(Elyoslayer) #22

oh yeah, he needs an item of that person, well RIP, i guess we will see what will happen with that in the future

(evan (gunsnblazes)) #23

Fantastic show and just… Congratulations? What a journey this must feel like both as a gm and a person running this. Couple questions: Is Ramus undead now or is he a completely new type of being? And kind of the same thing with Berg, what exactly is going on there? Is he a demigod? How interested are you in a party that maybe just full on sides with the necromancer king?

(AdamKoebel) #24

I have no idea!

No clue!


it’s a terrifying new future

(Twitch: Brooster) #25

I can’t believe you’ve done this… for 100 weeks!

As ever, thank you JP, Adam, Max, Dan, Zeke, Aureylian and Scoots for an utterly phenomenal show. The live live shows are my Superbowl, as it were, and never fail to astound me. Thank you so much!

(AdamKoebel) #26
  1. Ramus is a human, but a NEW sort of human - the mara can create new souls, evidently?!

  2. I am absolutely interested in the players doing whatever with whoever! It’s all fun and new stuff to explore.

(philipov) #27

When Berg used Utrix’s scrying pool to search for Azure Vortex, it showed the new reincarnation. Did that work only because it was a super scrying pool?

It seems like in many situations, scrying, locate person, and other divination spells targets the soul itself, not the body, so if he were to scry for himself, it should find the new reincarnation, right?

In fact, the breaking of the bond between him and his soul probably has some ramifications for anyone’s ability to find ramus with divination, much like the gods aren’t able to see him.

(jkurelko) #28

So now we got a man who nobody, even death can’t remember stalking the earth. A messed up mega berg wandering around. A farang Dragonborn orc baby, multiple primordial gods waking up, a fuckin possibly necrobell infused thunder dragon growing. And now we got a man with a Mara infused soul. The world is a fantastic place.

(philipov) #29

Don’t forget, there’s a civil war in heaven.

(almara2512) #30

well suppose you could technically argue that ramus does have an item of his old soul that being its old body

(jkurelko) #31

This is what happens when heaven goes into a government shutdown.

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #32

…and that is how all the gnomes died. Good riddance.

I like how the party is slowly all aligning itself with the idea that Heaven is the enemy and needs to be overthrown (well, Berg is probably not 100% there yet), but an alliance with the Mara… I don’t see that ending well.

(jkurelko) #33

Well I mean the Mara only want the process of heaven to stop, they really don’t want to cause much evil if I understand them correctly and if the Mara appeared when heaven was built it will probably go away if heaven is destroyed. BUT WHO KNOWS?!

(philipov) #34

No, the Mara don’t just want to destroy Heaven, they want to corrupt the Fountain itself.

(Elyoslayer) #35

Honeslty, there is so much going on, Maaru boy over there wants to destroy heaven, so do the Embers, and Maharib’s people, and the Necromancer king, and let’s not forget Big King Tao Tie and Kalimat. Also that mysterious being that seemingly doesn’t exists and effect the world in mysterious ways, i can’t seem to remember his name wink wink. I feel in close to half a year we might have a huge apocalyptical war. And let’s not forget, the Farang that took a major hit, the Abyssals that also got a big hit, and the Tentacle outsiders from the wizard’s island, all trying to recover and make a a new move on to the world. AND THE PLOT THICKENS!

(jkurelko) #36

Really? I could have sworn Adam said that the Mara weren’t always around when the fountain broke and created earth, but instead they appeared when heaven was built and just didn’t like it so they just oppose the wheel. They just want to exist, not corrupt the fountain, but idk I could be wrong.

(jkurelko) #37

I’m super excited for all of it to come together

(Elyoslayer) #38

yep yep, same

(philipov) #39

They oppose heaven, but they want to do more than just dismantle it. My theory is that when the City of Heaven was built surrounding the Fountain, the Mara were created from the shadows cast by the City blocking out the light of the Fountain, and they have become bitter and resentful not only towards Heaven, but also towards the Fountain from whose light they have been deprived for the sake of Heaven’s existence.

(Elyoslayer) #40

This might not have been true, but if Adam likes this explaination, then it might be now