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Could I get some feedback on the BoP Live show graphics?


(Twitch: LiveSpace) #1

Since CoS Live is around the corner and I'm hard at working on the graphics I wanted to hear what people thought about the ones in BoP Live. Was there something missing? What worked really well? What could have been done better?

The feedback here have a high potential to make it into the CoS Live show :slight_smile:

(boeiee) #2

There is not much feedback to give IMO, but here is some.

In my taste there were to many neon glowy(?) effects. This was the style of the show but abit to much for me^^
It would be nice to have their character name somewhere on the breakscreen, Seeing as they play more with their names than with their character art.

And maybe a more personal preference, I would love to see a timer/clock somewhere so i know where i stopped watching and/or how much i have missed up until that point

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #3

Noted. Will not add neon lights to CoS Live :stuck_out_tongue: Also good feedback for future shows to scale back just a little.

Hmm maybe. Right now we're sort of mimicking the how we do it for the regular shows. Also render times might be too long since we don't really know exactly what character names will be used. The side things are quicker renders so easier to update.

Interesting idea. Nothing that can really be done on my end so has to be something with the Scoots setup that needs to handle that. I'll bring this topic up in our next meeting.

(AthleonGaming) #4

Nothing really stood out as bad for me. Everything was cohesive and readable. Maybe have more overlays with explanations for rules, for example what an attack roll/saving throw/skill check is or how advantage/disadvantage works for 5e.

One non-graphic related thing I'd suggest would be to have 2 dice trays, each used by 2 players, so that you don't have to pass one around all the time.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #5

The only thing was some red text that had horizontal lines through it that was really hard to read on the live show and scoots had to tweak his settings iirc to make it more visible.

(Absent_Minds) #6

I can't think of any thing that stood out as bad, I think the whole thing was brilliant, a little hiccup here and there on Scoots end but it was the first live show and they wasn't that bad. I'm sure there's others that might think of things but all I can say is just keep doing what your doing dude.

(Xaphere) #7

I'm a big fan of flat designs. That said, try not to add to much noise. More like Dropped Frames overlays and less like BoP (normal shows) overlays. I was not a big fan of BoP overlays. They were busy, but there wasn't any detail there. I mean look at the thing above Adams head on the overlays. Some rectangle with gradient and a texture. There is nothing there.
And if you are looking for inspiration use some stylized Tarot symbols in a corner somewhere for an accrent. Or better ask @AdamKoebel for his inspirations and use them to set the tone of the setting for the viewers.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #8

This probably won't happen since there's a certain style to the RollPlay shows. The logos are made by Zooc and then I play off that to create the overlays. Having two different styles won't aid in in cohesiveness between the logo and overlays. I don't have any contact with Zooc but I'm sure you can reach him on Twitter if you want him to hear it.

I also like flat/minimal design as you can see in the regular itmeJP brand that I developed.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #9

It's something that we've talked about and we'll get Adam's opinion on what he thinks is needed, hopefully during our next meeting.

Will put this forward during our next meeting :smiley: I'm sure they've already thought about it since I do remember us talking a lot about everything from dice trays to dice towers.

(Xaphere) #10

I also like flat/minimal design as you can see in the regular itmeJP brand that I developed.

And you did great job there.
Of course you can't change the style just for the live show. It was more of me venting out my thoughts about BoP overlays. Actually I like CoS overlays. The only problem is there isn't much connecting them to the setting Adam has created like with the other shows. So here is an opportunity to do just that.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #11

True. To be honest I didn't know that much about the universe until the game started. I had some thought but mostly it's always been to mimic the style of Zooc, and I'm getting better at it :smiley: You'll see what I'm talking about in the Live show. I've really stepped my hand drawing skills up and created some pretty cool textures by hand so far. I think we do want to keep the current style and allow other things show the setting :wink: you wait and see.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #12

@NoorElBahrain As Scoots would say ":wink:"

@Absent_Minds We learned a lot from that first episode. We've talked about the things that went wrong and how to fix them. Even got to talk with Scoots in person at TwitchCon during the BoP panel and we talked a lot about the live show issues and what to do to fix them. Also thank you!

@Xaphere I would love to hear your opinion on my mock-up for the Dropped Frames logo and possible re-make of the overlays. It's more towards my style in flat/glitch/minimal.

(destraudo) #13

overall i thought it was really well executed.

If i had to give personal design opinion i would say i would follow an ethos that keeps the tutorial graphics away from the players, specifically their faces to avoid covering them. I would say from the screenshots that the bottom third of of any given shot is safe real-estate to work in.

If you wanted to go into realm of fantasy i would suggest having a prominent link at bottom of screen / below the vod / spammed in chat that goes to a itmejp site page thats live tracking the four physical character sheets , showing all their current stats and abilities. with tabs for cast info , patreon etc.

And while we are on fantasy an ipad for adam and a big ole 30 inch touch screen laying on the table running roll 20 for the purpose of using dynamic maps, trackign character movement ranges etc etc (but not rolling dice). Thats not so much your department though. XD

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #14

If you're talkinga bout the above images that's just mock-ups and not from the actual show :stuck_out_tongue: The framing of the shot is up to Scoots and is more of a production thing than a graphics thing, if I understand your comment correctly.

Sadly not possible at the time... but we're working with Roll20 on those dynamic overlays and when that starts to happen we can extend that to the live shows as well. So far we're still looking at the different features that would be nice to have. Actually I might make a topic about to get some user input on what UX problems you're facing when watching RollPlay.

(Absent_Minds) #15

@TwitchSurgeon Thats cool, as i have said before on the site i've never played DnD or anything like it so there is more likely other people that will think of things more game oriented that they would like to see. I just love watching the shows and the graphics info that shows up is a bonus to me how ever it comes :slight_smile:

(sythmaster) #16

As others have mentioned, some of the red fonts had readability issues.

Additionally, while many of the vertical "bio" or "here's what dice mean" overlays were amazing. They were [almost] never up long enough to actually read thoroughly. So it would take multiple times for that to pop up to fully read. (Usually this isn't horrible due to it being a continuing show and most of the audience understanding whats going on, but for new comers those vertical overlays might be "intense" for the 20 seconds they are up).

I know that's kind of a hard issue to solve, or involves knowing more context onto "which" type of roll overlay this is. But thought I would mention it.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #17

The timing situation was a Scoots thing but I'm sure this topic will be brought up in our next meeting. We did talk about it before the show but as you said it's also a flow of the moment type of thing and what looks good/works during the broadcast with all the camera, pans, angles and so on.