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New Dropped Frames logo mock-up


A few months back, probably more, JP posted a different mock-up of these on Twitter. The feedback was that it looked too much like the Origin logo so I went back and worked on it.
Other things popped up and the project got put on the back burner. We touched on it a little before TwitchCon but only that it's something for the future.

I'm here now to ask you guys what you think about the slightly updated logo... and maybe I'll even post the animated GIF preview :wink:

Could I get some feedback on the BoP Live show graphics?
(Adrian00v) #2

I feel like the A in FRAMES should not be solid, so the distortion shows more clearly there. I like it, even though the current one is not bad :slight_smile:

(RestWellThisNight) #3

I like it, but I have a question: are the P's meant to stand out? Maybe I'm just not reading the design. Are they meant to be reminiscent of chat bubbles because it's a talk show? I get the fractured letters, and I like the disrupted design of the O, but the tapered legs of the P's make them stand out to me in a way that makes me think I'm supposed to be looking at them in particular. If it's intentional, then forgive me. I like the look of it as it is, and that is just what caught my eye.

Maybe even just raise the bar a little bit more so that it has more apparent legs?


Haha was thinking the same as I was looking at the vector file.

As for the double PP. No that's not intentional... but maybe it should be? :stuck_out_tongue:
Na I think I was pretty much testing random things out to see what works the best. Sort of a throw everything on the wall and see what sticks. It's always a lot easier scale back then it is to scale up.

(MrSilentNight) #5

I like the updated style. My only question is that is this the new color scheme to dropped frames. I feel that the way dropped frames is designed is nice however I would like to see a rendition of it with the dropped frames color scheme as it is now to compare. I think it would be nice to keep the color scheme we have but cant say for sure if it would work with the new design or not.


The blue is the color scheme. I did change the yellow to a more orange tint, but that's nothing I've shown yet :open_mouth: are you in my computer? The black backdrop is only because the other version of this mock-up has a white background so all you would see would be the blue logo.

@Adrian00v and @RestWellThisNight
Here it is updated without the odd shaped P and more defined A

(Might be Captain Marvel) #7

I like this one better :itmejp10:

(MrSilentNight) #8

I like this one much better traditional yet progressive in its updated style, and with the updated but still slightly reminiscent color scheme that it will be I give it a :itmejp10:

(OneSevenDesign) #9

This is cool. It's distinctive and not too over designed.

(destraudo) #10

Design looks super solid to me. Minimalist but very strong. will make a v nice shirt too. I am personally a fan of orange over blue from a colour psychology point of view .


Well I can tell you that the current look of the rest of the overlay is mostly orange so you'll like that :wink:
If shirts are made maybe there can be a orange version of the O!


Thank you John! Always nice to hear from a fellow GD. :smiley: also welcome to the RollPlay family I haven't had a chance to welcome you yet.

(crowly_) #13

I don't like it, it's cold to look at, and the distortion gives me this dystopian future vibe and that doesn't fit.


Hmm maybe. What I wanted to convey was the frustration and visualization (not exact of course) of dropping frames.

(LeStario) #15

Haha that makes me think of an idea, maybe make a Dropped Frames logo which is inside a picture frame, falling. That would be pretty funny, perhaps not appropriate, but entertaining nonetheless.

(AthleonGaming) #16

I like it, the 2nd version more than the 1st. I'll echo @destraudo about the color, I like orange more than blue, especially on dark gray/carbon. The screen tearing effect gives it enough identity without being overbearing.

(Xaphere) #17

This looks better than the first rendition. It still has the problem with the "A", but that is easily fixable.
What I'm worried about is that blue. Those pale blues are notorious for not working well with other colors. You will always need some backplate for the logo or solid color for the hole background without much texture. It's a problem I had in the past. I couldn't fix it, but the client was happy so I didn't bother much.
The fractured letters can wear out on some people, but I like it. With little more work I can see it as a working logo for Dropped Frames.

(boeiee) #18

Really liking the current design. i would make the D more distinct though, Just like the F has the subtle thing on the bottom.
That way a possible shortened DF branding somewhere would be more recognizable

Edit: didnt mean to make this a reply to you:P

(Oskratos) #19

looks good so far :slight_smile: simplistic and still interesting, but have you thought of bringing a bit of orange in the whole mix ? Otherwise it is pretty neat :smiley: