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Cast Announcement Discussion Thread!

Link to the news thread:

Link to the tweet:


What do you think? Thoughts on who could fill the missing gaps?


All the cast members sound like excellent fits for these shows. Should really lead to a different thematic “flavor” for each new game. And I think JP said something about Jesse’s show being a pulpy sorta Indiana Jones thing? With Jesse though, that could mean anything.

Here’s hoping they launch in the next couple of months.


Well I’m already a fan of Anne/Ken/Octo.

Interesting that the other 2 SWN players describe themselves as DMs in their twitter profiles. This detective work leads me to think they will be Not Crap At Role Playing Games™. I am also working under the assumption that a seasoned voice actress will also be well placed to deal with whatever nonsense Jessie throws at them.

I shall raise my hype levels appropriately.

Excited to have Anne and Ken back. Don’t really know the other people but they seem to have some RP experience so I’m sure they’ll be great.
Still would be cool if they managed to get Fairlight on one of the shows.

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Is there a VOD of the panel anywhere?


If you go to the Pax channel their vods are there for all to see. It was on the Pax3 channel and they already edited the vod so you can find the panel without having to search the vod of the entire day.

Well… that was much more practical :stuck_out_tongue:

Recommendation: DistractedElf!

Edit: Granted, she seems to have a lot on her plate already as far as DnD goes and I’m not sure if there would be conflicts of some kind or another between the Rollplay channel and Roll20, but I’d love to see more of her!! DistractedElf reminds me so much of @Ezekiel_III at times. Just a very dedicated, creative, hilarious individual with a real knack for roleplaying. She would be an awesome addition to any Rollplay show for sure!

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I am just super excited! Both groups look awesome! My favorite (don’t tell jesse) is the second group though. I love Anne and Mark and am excited to see them roleplay together with Adam trying to kill them! I CAN NOT WAAAAIIITTTT. And the last player is still a mystery! So many possibilities!

I’m so stoked that Anne is gonna be in SWN! These casts are great.


Already hyped for these shows.
Welcome to RollPlay Elspeth, ThatBronzeGirl and Mark Hulmes :hearts:


Just finished watching the vod and yes, the flames of the hype has been stoked to new hights. This is good, this is cool, I want it now

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Super hyped Anne is back on Rollplay, and specially that she’s on the SWN show with Adam which will for sure allow for great RP moments. After the incredible jump in quality Anne’s RP took with Blades in the Dark I can’t wait for more Anne on Rollplay.

As for the other cast members, Ken and Octo are great each in their own way. And the newcomers to the Rollplay family all look good. It’s nice to see sherlock_hulmes community be excited that he is playing with Adam and on Rollplay. Elspeth experience with voice acting can only mean roleplay goodness and her energy will gel great with Jesse. And BronzeGirl is another GM which is always good, GMs tend to be very invested in any game they play, whether they are GMing or being a PC.

Two more and we are on our way. So hyped.

Sooo with @sherlock_hulmes on the show, does that mean it’s going to be EU-friendly-ish ? If I understood correctly, he’s going to stay up late. But How late ?
'Cause if it’s like, Saturday, even if it’s over at 3am I’m in. If it’s Sunday well that sucks


Anyone remember what days other Rollplay shows usually ran on? I’m betting at least one of the shows is gonna happen on a Sunday, probably “The Jesse Cox Show”.

I hope one of the shows is EU friendly :crossed_fingers:


Do you think one of the shows will be weekend again? That always seemed hit/miss in the past. I wonder if Jesse or Adam will get their old monday slot :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever time is most convenient for the cast. Noon or 1pm Eastern (like JP’s streaming time) on weekends could be cool if possible.

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Having watched Adam’s review of the SWN Revised book and talk some about his early thoughts and themes for the new show, I am unbelievably excited. Obviously excited for Anne returning, especially to Sci-Fi. Also a big fan of Mark Hulmes, and while I don’t know of BronzeGirl, excited to see what she brings to the table. Would really love to see Fairlight added to this crew, strong roleplayer that I think could add something the whole militaristic / imperialistic themes.

Jesse’s Christmas special was such a delight that I also can’t wait for more in that vein, though I have no idea what to expect from it, going forward. Great cast there too, Ken and Elspeth are awesome.