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Cast Announcement Discussion Thread!

(Happydays99) #21

I want to audition for a spot on RollPlay. I don’t have a channel, or stream, but I would set it all up to play with this crew!

Serious comment!

(Th3_Thanatos) #22

I strongly believe that the 4th slot of SWN: Revised should be a rotating cast member (like CoS) until a permanent PC can be chosen. Maybe even reach out to some of the SS cast members to play for a couple weeks; with new characters, obviously. Then change it up with other content creators. I do, however, understand that JP/Adam want a fresh cast and universe, but why not consider someone we haven’t seen on a show in a while?

(Twitch: no742617000027) #23

I think they’re actually happy with their move away from rotating cast members in CoS. I’d be surprised if they opt for it with Swan Song 2. But I guess they could start with just three players and add a permanent 4th when they find someone suitable.

(Olf_Himself) #24

I wonder if JP will eventually take the last spot if casting continues to be difficult.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #25

You mean so he can play a distant relative of Higgins to piss off Adam? :>

(Darkvlagor) #26

Westmarches was on Saturday I believe and I could watch it live

(TheMuffinManifesto) #27

I think I remember JP & Adam saying they’re looking for someone outside the Twitch/Youtube world for the 4th player in SWN? Or someone who hadn’t RPed before? something like that. I should rewatch but it made me think they were making celebrity overtures or something :flushed: