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(QConsolidated) #41

Okay, so the trailer is out! I'll probably watch it a few more times throughout the week but I want to know what you guys thought about it. I'm curious about different enemy types like that giant mechanical transformer/replicator thing we got a glimpse of. We saw at least one of the new alien races too.

(Powerover) #42

I didnt like it.
There is something that makes me say: This not looks like Mass effect. Or i am just a Shepard fanboy.
One thing i liked that seems they are coming back to ME1 like bad/evil guy (i hope so).

(QConsolidated) #43

I think it's very hard to detach ourselves from the trilogy and the connection to Shepard and everyone else but we kind of have to in order to give the new game a chance :smiley: .

Don't get me wrong, I miss them like crazy (I've been thinking about starting a new playthrough of the whole thing even though at this point I can quote scenes by heart). I guess I'm just okay with the series moving forward.

Why do you think it doesn't look or feel like Mass Effect? What little we've seen of the tech so far seems in line with it, considering they're in an entirely different galaxy.

(Twistedgerm) #44

I got a big horror vibe out of the trailer and I'm not liking it so far.

(DragyDevi) #45

I was originally hesitant about the game. I was upset that instead of using the world that they already built out they wanted to scrap everything and create something new. Why then use the mass effect IP? Probably because of brand recognition but that's not my point.

I watched that trailer and now i'm excited. I have so many questions. Why are we leaving the milky way? What catastrophic event caused us to want to leave? Strangely enough this still feels like mass effect. The universe is big and something bigger is threatening our very existence.

(Powerover) #46

HOLY SHIT. New Andromeda gameplay looks sooo SICK. I want to play it right now

(Might be Captain Marvel) #47

I want KOTOR 3 ( or another Star Wars RPG [new series maybe] that has modern combat and amazing)

(QConsolidated) #48

I feel you, Noor, but hot damn, Andromeda looks SOOO GOOD!

(Moose2033) #49

Statement: Why did you have to bring KOTOR up, now I am thinking about how much fun playing it would be instead of sleeping

(QConsolidated) #50

I started playing it again this week. Also, SWTOR. I blame the Star Wars Saga campaign Noor and I are in lol

(DragyDevi) #51

This image goes out to @BearWalrus. Let's get hyped for Andromeda.
I'm going to try out an under used class such as tech for this run. I've never done renegade but it's going to be a blast.

(QConsolidated) #52

The hype is super strong with this one. We've got a release date now and everything! Need to see what they showed at the Nvidia stage at CES last night.

(BlazeRom) #53

Played almost religiously through Mass Effect 1 and 2 only to find out a few months later 3 would come out, it felt like Christmas, damn i enjoyed 3. Ending didn't bother me that much, left a "meh" feeling.

I love Dragon Age : Origins, had multiple playthroughs for each race and tried to romance everyone, except Zevran. i just looked that one up LOL.

Dragon Age 2 definitely felt different, i think i got a tad bored of constantly going to the same places over and over. I think i also romanced everyone, had to. except the Mage, can't remember his name.

Dragon Age Inquisition was like a god send for me, such a massive world for my massive character, heh, i heavily disliked the real timed missions in the war room but i enjoyed exploring the world and discovering stuff, played until the end before any of the dlc came out, didn't go back to it, don't think i will bother either. It's a fairly big game, which as much as i love it i can't play through it knowing what happens, i will most likely remember as i play "Oh, yeah i remember this, meh".

Edit: When they invent the Men in Black neuralyzer i will order one just to erase game playthroughs, leaving a note in front "play these games".

(QConsolidated) #54

Dude, I know the feeling! If I go back and play all those games for the first time all over again... I love them so much lol

(Might be Captain Marvel) #55

(DragyDevi) #56

It sounds like Rock Paper Shotgun is not :itmejphype: at all. I'll admit, I'm not really into "Action-Adventure" games these days. However, my favorite thing about Bioware games is the lore though and it sounds like they're going to be putting in a lot of detail. I'll keep following how that game turns out.

(BlazeRom) #57

I like Bioware, but this is all too vague to get hyped about, we literally know nothing of worth.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #58

You are right. I was just posting interesting news. :slight_smile:

(QConsolidated) #59

I like every bit of news about Andromeda that's come out this far. I'm digging the new squadmates. Apparently, we're getting more info on weapons and skills tomorrow :itmejphype: