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(QConsolidated) #21

I'm curious - those of you who played Dragon Age: Origins - who did you romance? I keep going back and forth between Leliana and Morrigan lol

(DealerUmbra) #22

I chose Leliana on my first proper playthrough, then Alistair on my second. They're both very sweet.

(DragyDevi) #23

I played through the game as a Dwarf Fighter. He romanced Morrigan. All I can remember was that the cut scenes were weird. Either Morrigan shrunk or my dwarf character grew.

(Moose2033) #24

I have romanced both of them, but I have never got Leliana into the threesome yet, maybe my next playthrough :itmejphappy:

(Deastin) #25

Liara will always be my bae from ME, with Garrus as my bff.

In Dragon Age it's 110% Cassandra and Dorian is bff.

(Skeptikkos) #26

I'm a huge Bioware fan.

ME is my favorite game series. Played through it 4 or 5 times now. It's not a popular thing to say in some circles, but the choice at the end of ME3 was the first time I just broke down in tears while playing a game. I sat there for like 30 minutes before I actually made my decision. Liara is my girl, Tali is my bff.

I played the DA games and enjoyed them, but I never felt super connected to the characters or the story.

KOTOR 1&2 are great games that I played years after released. They are still two of my favorite rpgs.

(Skeptikkos) #27

I went all in on Morrigan. I wasn't that excited about Leliana's whole spiritual side. Plus, I love Claudia Black.

(QConsolidated) #28

Same here, man. I was a friggin' mess that first time. Picked Destroy, cried, felt like I'd lost a close friend. I pre-ordered the game for my birthday so I played it before any of the DLC came out, including the "fix". I didn't really feel it needed a fix but the ME team did a fantastic job. The Citadel DLC, though - hands down the best DLC for any game ever IMO.

(Skeptikkos) #29

Totally agree. Best DLC by far. I actually didn't play ME3 until all the DLC had come out and the fix was implemented. I got to play the Citadel DLC before I finished the game. Anyways, my first ending was Synthesis and it was a difficult choice for me. I didn't have a great computer on release, so I waited. I never actually saw it when it was supposedly bad.

(QConsolidated) #30

I feel like it got so much hate only because people had very different expectations of how the game should have ended/wanted more time with the characters. I'm glad BioWare stood by their work and didn't just cave to the backlash. It would have set a precedent and not a good one. Every time somebody shits on the game, the series, or worse - the studio - just because the ending wasn't to their liking it kills me a little bit inside lol.
Basically :itmejps:

(Moose2033) #31

Did you feel that you got an ending that reflected all your choices across all three games?

(Skeptikkos) #32

Not really. Though, to be fair, that is a lot of choices. I had no expectation that every choice I made would be reflected in the ending. I never felt like I was promised anything. I took the ending for what it was. It wasn't the best, but it had a significant emotional impact on me. Also, the end felt like it was more than just the choice part. The end seemed like it started from when they lock you out of the galaxy and set you on the linear last missions. In the end, I was happy with what I got.

(Moose2033) #33

I guess I just believed them when they said all your choices would be taken into account when deciding what ending you got. Call me a rube or whatever. I keep hearing that the Citadel DLC was really good, but the ending pissed me off so much I have never gone back to play it.

(Skeptikkos) #34

Maybe I would have a different opinion had I seen any of the marketing for the games. I might have felt the same, who knows.

(QConsolidated) #35

The Citadel DLC is totally worth it. Even if you don't buy it, look for a YT run through it or a twitch VOD.If you really loved the game prior to the ending I can almost guarantee you'll love the DLC too.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #36

I think i qualify as a huge fan :).

KotoR 1 and 2 are still great games, Played Dark and Light side, on both genders.
I've played through Dragon Age: Origins with all classes/races/genders, and all romance options, just to get little changes of dialogue in Wardens keep.
Around that time i've replayed Mass Effect about 5/6 times, both genders and some romance options.

I can't count how many times i've played Mass Effect 2, full paragon, full renegade, all romance options through both genders, and replayed the games when the new character DLC's came along.

Around that time i got my own family and responsibilities, so the hardcore powergaming had to slow down a little.
I played Dragon Age 2 twice, Isabela and Fenris romance.

Mass Effect 3 though, responsibilities or not, i must have played through that quite alot of times, both genders, all romance options, replayed for Leviathan DLC, replayed for Citadel DLC. Still didn't like the ending.

Only played Dragon Age: Inquisition once (Pentagast romance), its a great game, but damn its huge. The prospect of replaying that just didnt pull me back in, and i just looked up all romances and stuff on youtube.

SWToR, all classes are level 65 apart from the imperial agent, but i stopped playing.

Loved Baldurs gate 2, but i only finished the game once. Was pretty young when i did.

Never played Jade Empire, never caught my attention.

And oh yeah, i have the Mass effect action figures, and a small normandy.
There, my nerdcred, i had way too much free time. :wink:

Since i see the romance arguments already: I ship Morrigan, and i'm a Talimancer.

(QConsolidated) #37

About DA: Inquisition:
I shamelessly pre-ordered that game.

I was in my second year of uni (which was going poorly), my laptop REFUSED to let the AMD GPU work properly and games would only detect my Intel HD one and it would overheat like a motherfucker. So when I downloaded DA:I I was really worried I wouldn't be able to play it.

I beat that fucker running at an unsteady 15 FPS over the course of a few weeks (or less - can't remember exactly :smiley:).And then I bought the DLCs and played those. I killed all the dragons for fuck's sake! It took, half an hour, at least to do each one cuz the game just ran so slow. I've played 177 hours of that game and 150 of it is my main playthrough. I've only beaten it once since it's so damn huge.

I'm glad BioWare came up with the Keep so I don't have to play ALL of it again to get the save I want for the next Dragon Age, which I am almost as excited about as I am for Andromeda. I REALLY REALLY wish they'd let us play as our Wardens/Warden-Commanders again. At the very least I wanna watch the Warden/Morrigan dynamic if they're together and have their son.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #38

Ahh yes... Returning to the Warden would be amazing.

(Laura) #39

Like every other Dragon Age game, I'm sure the Hero of Ferelden will look nothing like she did in Origins.

(QConsolidated) #40

N7 day next week, get hype! :itmejphype: