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(QConsolidated) #1

Feel free to give suggestions for a better title for this!

Basically, I want to see if there are more huge BioWare fans like myself in here and have a place for us to talk about previous games as well as geek out and speculate about new ones. N7 day is almost upon us so there should be lots to discuss :itmejphappy:

Edit: I've done 5+ playthoughs of every Mass Effect game, DA:O and DA2 (I didn't hate it as much as most people lol), I've beaten Inquisition + all DLC only once though because that game is massive. Played KOTOR 1 and 2 waaay too long ago to remember anything. I hit the pre-expansion level cap in SWTOR with my Imperial Agent and my Trooper.

(Moose2033) #2

I love Bioware, played KotOR I and II so many times, I think I did 5 playthroughs of Jade Empire, 4 on Dragon Age: origins, Mass Effect 1 and 2 about 5 times. I wish they would make KotOR 3 already. :itmejpsword:

(Deastin) #3

I just bought some N7 lounge pants yesterday.

Also that mad Andromeda hype.

(QConsolidated) #4

Well, I'm jealous! I've been dying to buy merch for years lol

(Sonatta) #5

Big BioWare starting with the release of Baldur's Gate and played everything since (well, not the Sonic game.) Still play SWTOR and looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda. For a long while was heavily involved with their Neverwinter Nights community on their official forums (until they rolled everything into the social site.) Still have a fleece jacket they sent me for Neverwinter Nights.

(QConsolidated) #6

I can't wait to see what the dynamic between all the Ryders is in Andromeda. I hope we get good romance options and great dialogue + tough decisions to make which really affect the story and the characters.

(ZodiacVIII) #7

no romance option will ever compare to Tali :itmejpheart: :itmejps:

(RolandHuxley) #8

Sorry I think you misspelled Liara , just letting you know

(ZodiacVIII) #9

:itmejpwtf: I'm just gonna pretend I didn't read that, since Tali is the one true love of Commander Shepard, and no amount of lies will ever convince me otherwise lol

(QConsolidated) #10

I don't know why y'all keep spelling Miranda Lawson wrong, probably should report a bug. Seriously though, I love all 3 of them! :itmejpheart: :itmejpheart:

(ZodiacVIII) #11

woah woah woah, hold on just a minute..... you're.... you're a Miranda fan? I thought we had something special Q, I don't know if I could love someone who picks Miranda.... I think we should start seeing other people :broken_heart:

(QConsolidated) #12

I mean I've been seeing Miranda since ME2 came out so I'm okay with that :itmejphappy:

(Moose2033) #13

I think you are forgetting about Jack, the best choice, the tattooed pycho who will rip your head off for saying the wrong thing but has a heart of gold :itmejpbro:

(DragyDevi) #14

I might not be the biggest Bioware fan but I really enjoyed the Mass Effect Series and the Dragon Age Series.

I've played through Mass Effect 1,2, & 3 multiple times. I also played a lot of ME3 multiplayer. It was super underrated for what it was. I thought the tie in to the main game was an interesting touch.

I tried to do a big series play through of Dragon Age when the third game was coming out. Origins was awesome and I liked 2. I couldn't finish 3 though. It was too repetitive. I might go back and finish it some day.

Also I don't know what you guys are talking about because Garrus and FemShep are OTP.

(ZodiacVIII) #15

FemShep is best Shep, but for me Tali still best romance option and you can't romance her as FemShep :itmejpsad:

I never played Inquisition, but I loved DA:O and thought 2 was pretty fun. Maybe I'll go back and play them all, after the millionth play through of the ME series ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue:

(Powerover) #16

Can't say for other series but Mass Effect is freaking awesome. I have done like 3 full playthoughs and still i looking for go back. The only way to play this series is from very begining - me1. There is something magic when you create a character and walkthrough all three games with :D.

Dragon Age Origin is in my playlist for so long so i am forgot about this game. It's really hard to me to start it because i know that it will be a long game.

(DLOAG) #17

I think you'll find a lot here are BioWare fans, I mean who doesn't like story telling in a player consequence experience haha.

Can not wait for N7 day! I stumbled upon BioWare in Dragon Age: Origins, have since played that game about 5+ times maybe, played only Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition once, Dragon Age 2 because I got told how bad it was (ended up not that bad) and Inquisition because yeah that game is too big than it needed to be.

The Mass Effect series is probably my second favorite behind only the Fallout series (4 disappointed me). Mass Effect 2 is my favorite out of the series, I need to play 3 again after they fixed it and with the DLC which adds so much more.

(DragyDevi) #18

Once they set a release date for ME: Andromeda I want to play the entire series again. I've never done a full Renagade run since I thought I would fail quests by being a totally asshole.

I wonder if they'll create a web game like the did for DA: for Andromeda.

(Drumurboy) #19

Playing through ME 1 again with some visual enhancement mods. Game is so freaking good!

(RolandHuxley) #20

I've been saving another playthrough for the Remaster they keep teasing , hope they get it out before Andromeda .