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Big news coming this week?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #21

So excited for that September 4th One Shot! I can't even believe it. I also think Lauren @randomtuesday is a good GM, she GMed Shadowrun on HyperRPG. If possible I think she'd be a great addition to the Roll play team going forward.

(Aecens) #22

I honestly didn't think i'd see the legacy crew back. Truly a great treat.

(DarkSide082) #23

Regardless of the date change... WHOOP, WHOOP, PULL OVA THAT CAST TOO PHAT! WHOOP, WHOOP, PULL OVA THAT CAST TOO PHAT! So excited for the OG's back again.

(StillAnotherOne) #24

Now to wait for them to tell us each system... Dodger and Crendor are probably going to stick with their systems (Dungeon World and nominally Mutant Future [effectively none] respectively), with Timecleaver and Sphynx & Satyr I have no clue what to expect (though Lauren/Randomtuesday usually has a great world) and I'd expect JP to use 5e and Neil his AD&D version (or whatever they played in Legacy).

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