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Big news coming this week?

(VyRe40) #1

So, TRy as I might, i can't helP but Ponder what thIs News will be. (Or who's involved.)

I'm guessing either A) Nebula Jazz live show date announcement, or B) a one-shot for August.


The RollPlay News Thread
(boeiee) #2

i think its more than just one thing,
Couple of one-shots maybe, JP and Dodger dming?
And like you said a nebula jazz announcement(for early september?, September 3-4?)

Exciting news coming no matter what though :smiley:

(VyRe40) #3

Definitely a few things incoming:

(corran1189) #4

I wonder if the capital letters matter here. STRIPPIN. Hmm that could mean anything right?

(corran1189) #5

I also totally missed your comment having the same capitals. Whoops. >.<

(crowly_) #6

I guess a Strippin dm one-shot. Also adding a 3rd gm. A new permanent, or reoccuring dm(s)?, should help with more show regularity,. As Rollplay has two "weak points": jp and the dm. If one of those are gone there cant be a show. Blade showed that missing players is doable.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #7

On Patreon he alluded to not finding a third GM and it being a difficult process. He's already said they'll be a ton of one shots so I think that's the case. Maybe he's just going to surprise us though who knows.

(Utherix) #8

I can't believe I missed that.

(VyRe40) #9

(Might be Captain Marvel) #10

(Macaluso100) #11

Oh man. Is that unnamed show the one Adam was talking about on one of his streams? The one that's like a Darkest Dungeon-esque game? I was really hyped for that and hoped Dodger would be included in that along with Zeke since they both are super into that game

Obviously hyped for Die-Kea 2

(Olf_Himself) #12

No JP is DMing so it's probably the one he prepped for on stream a few weeks ago.

(Deastin) #13

Legacy reunion hype.

(crowly_) #14

Couple of new DMs (for Rollplay) :slight_smile: , maybe one or mare can become a (semi) regular DM? Would help to fill in the gaps in the schedule when it's light on (regular) Rollplay content.

If it's doable (not to time demanding in finding cast members and such, and DM collaboration), a west marches style game with a rotating cast and DMs. This would (in theory) solve down time in con season, unless "everyone" is prioritizing cons over roleplaying. To avoid DMs stepping on each others toes, they could each be responsible for an area of the world, or the DM notes has to be kept someplace centralized and each DM has an understanding of the need for all to pull in the same direction.

(TheDesec) #15

Disclaimer: The other shows look :itmejphype::itmejpsword:, too. But:

:itmejphype::itmejpsword: SEPTEMBER 9 :itmejphype::itmejpsword::itmejphype::itmejpsword::itmejphype::itmejpsoon:


(VyRe40) #16

YES! :itmejphype::itmejpgg:

(VyRe40) #17

It's a cool idea, but with what JP's said about the nightmare West Marches became scheduling-wise etc., I think it might be too many spinning plates for him, so-to-speak.

Also, I can see why a dedicated "scheduling person" on the payroll might have been really helpful with this and next month. It must have been hell filling out the calendar on his own.

(Zandivya) #18

It's nice to see DistractedElf get tapped again for one of these.

Also JP is in all but two of these shows. I take it he's going to be very busy this month.

(boeiee) #19

September 4th !

(TheDesec) #20


SEPTEMBER 4 :itmejpsword::itmejphype::itmejpsword::itmejphype::itmejpsword::itmejphype::itmejpsword::itmejphype::itmejpsoon:er