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Animated background roll template in Blades?

(Exiledvip3r) #1

I'm curious how they got the roll template to look so fancy to begin with.

I started GMing a game of BitD in Roll20, but the default blades character sheets from Roll20 doesn't do rolls with the fancy animated background and such. Anybody know if the roll template they're using is available anywhere?

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Let's ask @OneSevenDesign or if anyone else has an answer that's of course welcomed :slight_smile:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #3

I think this is it (found it on the Blades in the Dark G+ group)

(OneSevenDesign) #4

Yep, that's the right link to Tim Denee's custom css code for the sheet.

Tim and the other sheet makers are working to integrate that sheet as the official Roll20 Blades sheet, but it hasn't happened yet. For now, you need a Pro account to use a custom sheet like that.