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Zine pdf single purchase?

I was wondering if there will ever be the chance to buy a single and specific pdf of the zine without being on patreon?
I don’t want to bother, just curious because i would be interested :slight_smile:


If there is a demand for it then I see no reason why we can’t take it up with JP to see if single purchases of zines can be set up.

If we don’t have the demand for such a feature then there would be little benefit to setting up such a feature if you know what I mean.


yes, i get it, will see if maybe anyone else is interested in this , thanks!

it could be more than 20 maybe for the single purchase? I don’t know , i just think it could be nice to be able to buy just some numbers if someone can’t support every month, i figured i just ask, but if is not possible i totally understand, i’d figure i just ask if there is a possibility :slight_smile:

My first thought is it would be the for zine only.

Let’s just say each zine is $10 (just because that’s the jump in tiers that unlocks the zine, forgetting that the zine can be seen as a reward for the extra bump in funding) you could not be interested in the MP3’s (you watch live for example) but would still like access to the zines on a cherry picked basis. So you could buy the zines your are interested in.

At the end of the day it would have to be a business decision JP has to make based on if there is a demand for it and to set a price for each.


Then anyone who doesn’t patronize RollPlay for a 20$ month to get them all is a doofus.

I think @Crosseye_Jack is on the right track there… since the tier jump is 10, charge 10 for a single issue.


I mean, my personal opinion would be $5, but that’s because I view the patreon $10 as $5 towards making it and $5 towards actually getting it. Most magazines that are $10 have around 100 pages of info, with 10% being ads. Currently, the ezines have less than that, but I also don’t know the equivalent cost in time, effort, and material that goes into them so I could very easily be wrong.

But regardless, it should be a feasible enough price that 1.)it makes sense and 2.)it is appetizing enough that those who don’t want to pay a monthly patreon, or who want to cherry pick issues, can do it without wondering “should I just get the patreon?” I mean, that said, if you are an extremely patient person, you could annually, or semiannually, just pay $20 for one month and get access to everything that came before.

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Hey i dont mean to be rude and you dont have to answer this But why not pay for patreon once, Get all the Zines you want and than cancel your patreon after that? You would only have to pay once.

yeah i see that possibility, but i guess i would just need to be patient like Kol said : )