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Zeke's character

(Edokdyshi) #1

Hey, I can't seem to find the link to his character creation, can anyone help me out?:slight_smile:

(corran1189) #2

Try here:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #3

I'm so hyped for Zeke and this new season!

(Chrisploitation) #5

I love the concept of the character. There are so many cool ways to tie him to the group and the current arc.

Just off the top of my head after watching the creation video [blurred because in case someone want to remain unknowing about Zeke's PC]:

1) He could be another agent of Hasan. Where some, like our crew are the literal sword and torch to bring forth change, Zeke's character is the spider in the shadows that whisper the right (or wrong) things in the ears of the power players, upsets the political balance in a city, bring forth riots and let the whole rotten beast eat itself alive. Just the man to bring about the end of the City of Brass.

2) Shadows from the past: He's hailing from the Court of Swords, and he knows/knew Kukrit, and he knows of Berg's past. Has he come to lure back Berg to his old master? Or maybe he's Kukrit's rival and have come to either set Berg free, or become his new master?

3) The Littlefinger of the City of Brass. If chaos is the ladder you climb in search of power and wealth you might just want to make use of some agents of the Tower to stir the pot.

(TheCulture) #6

Zeke is also doing really good job at RPing his character one of the best guests in my opinion since Sean.