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Zeke sound issue or interupting in shows

So, in short, what’s going on with @Ezekiel_III sound? In CoS and in Dropped Frames. He keeps interrupting people or talking over them. It might be a general software issue and I just focus on @Ezekiel_III because he talks so loud, lag in the sound or what ever but It’s kind of annoying during DF and even more during CoS as the interruptions take you out of the moment.

I don’t wanna throw any shade on @Ezekiel_III , he’s a super nice dude and I’m sure his not interrupting on purpose but were are things going wrong?

I don’t know the details but I believe they’ve brought it up before that it’s due to the video call software they’re using.

It’s the same issue they would have with Anne right?

I’m not sure, maybe. I believe they switched the software they use after Anne had left the show.

Yeah, it’s not the issue they had with Anne. The problem is different and the software is new. With Anne the problem was that her sound would completely cut off if someone started speaking as she was speaking. With the new software it’s a problem that happens with all members in the call, there’s some lag that creates this weird situation where they are not aware someone started speaking before it’s too late and they themselves start speaking. It might be more noticeable with Zeke because he is very invested and very eager to step in but it’s a problem they all have with the software and are all having to deal with.

I wonder whether this could be mitigated by using the audio and video from the new software only to push it to Twitch, while they run Skype in parallel for their actual communication. I guess it depends whether the two softwares can share the same input devices. And also it might be too much of an inconvenience for the cast members.