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[WWW One Shot] Live From Reno, Nevada

Thanks for attending, ladies and gentleman, it was a real KILLER event!


It was so good! Excited for Death & Taxes. also was announcer Tom an actual dragon? @AdamKoebel

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BOTCHAMANIA! thump thump thumpthumpthump

[spoiler]Best 1 shot i can remember. High start and the ending was beautiful shitshow! Noice![/spoiler]


Amazing show, thank you all for that!

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I have no words… That was a thing of beauty.

here’s the fanart again

I feel like WWW was the best fitting game for a oneshot we’ve seen so far. It all just worked so perfectly. Although, I’m sure a lot of that should be credited to the awesome players and GM.


@AdamKoebel I know the PC picked whether they were Heel or Face during the character creation, but is there any mechanic where the roles could be reversed? I think a Heel turn for Bluejay and a Face turn for Elf at the end would have been great.

Great show! Definitely hoping for more WWW in the future!


That was so much fun!! Thanks to DistractedElf, CommanderHolly, Cheerhex, and Bluejay for being amazing :itmejpheart:

As always, thanks Adam for being a baddass GM :itmejpgm:


That was so good, I was smiling the entire time! Such incredible rollplayers, everyone got so into it. It’d be really great to have a follow-up episode at some point! In terms of continued storylines definitely seeing some of the characters switching between Heels and Faces or switching alliances could be pretty fun.


I really enjoyed this cast, Holly, Brit, Bluejay and Elf were all great and they had pretty good chemistry together, IMHO. I’d love to see them all either together or even individually come back to Rollplay.

Adam as always was on point.

That being said, I didn’t really enjoy this as much as I thought I would. Which is not meant to be a slight against the cast in any way. Again, I thought everyone brought their best foot forward with this. The game system seemed to be fighting them though. I felt at least that there was a real disconnect between the story that was attempted to be told, and the actual playbook moves and mechanics however. It was interesting seeing a pbta-game fall flat in that way, as they’re normally so well tuned to the play-style they wish to express.

YMMV, but thats my two cents.

You are super welcome! <3

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definitely, there’s lots of room to mess with the characters’ storylines and nature.


absolutely agree. i’m so about this system. it was great.

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This show was my favourite Oneshot hands down!

What do we have to do to get a second episode?

That intro was AMAZING too :smiley: had me laughing the loudest I have laughed in a while so thanks for that!


Thanks dude! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know we all had a really rad time.


I’m in the same boat as well - I think in general I find PbtA games to be much, much harder to follow than other systems and I feel that hurts something based on wrestling much more than it does with dungeon crawling.

But, just to emphasise as well : I really enjoyed the cast, the tone and the story were all great. I guess, for me (and obviously I’m not expecting every show to be aimed at me), it felt like being in a busy pub with a group of awesome people but not managing to catch the conversation properly to appreciate it.

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I thought that the four horsemen were, conquest, war, famine and death. I think you used the same horse twice.

Oh, man, I’m catching up with the YouTube videos and Matt the deceased announcer just vaulted up to my pantheon of favorite RollPlay NPCs.

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I want more of this, could even guest spot casters just for one hour match of a show (hint TB hint) and rapid fire through a long line up, oh it’s a Rollplay and Wrestling fan dream come true

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