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World of court of swords


(saberthedarklord) #1

So, I'd like to run a game using the court of swords setting. Aside from a few odds and ends from the show I don't have much to use and I'm too poor to go on patreon to get the weekly zine. So I turn to you rollplay community, I'm not asking to send me the zines for free or rewatch any episodes, just post little odds and ends about the setting, inspirations used, the general layout of the world or any other miscellaneous info, id very much be greatful for any help!

Thanks in advanced, Saber

(saberthedarklord) #3

Yeah I know, but I can't really spare the cash at the moment, im just wondering if there's any little info anyone could give that's all

(Kol_Saresk) #4

Is there anything specific you're looking for?

Generally speaking, the world is so far one continent I believe, separated by four kingdoms, which correspond to the four courts of the tarot suites; Court of Swords to the south in a South Asian tropical jungle, the Court of Coins to the north(I don't believe their region was described), the Court of Wands to the west in a desert region, and the Court of Cups to the east in an island setting I believe.

The four Courts have a royal family of sorts modeled after the royal suite of the tarot minor arcana; King, Queen, Page, and Knight. They are not gender specific. From what we've seen, cities tend to follow suit in structure. Although there are monasteries that might as well be cities, and the same with military outposts.

Primary races of the courts are dwarves, genasi, humans, and half-orcs, although half-orcs are usually slaves of mostly dwarves, but also humans.

There are gnomes and yuan-ti, but both are in a current state of being endangered species I believe as a gnomish civil war almost wiped them out while yuan-ti have been slow to rebuild for centuries.

Both live in a valley, the Xu Lin Valley I believe(not gonna lie, been a while, may not remember the names correctly) which lies between the Courts of Swords and Coins and is currently serving as a DMZ although both sides are building up to claiming it.

I think that's a decent, generalized, non-spoilery summary. Anything to add or correct @AdamKoebel?

(TheDesec) #5

The Courts of Swords, Coins and Wands share a continent, the Court of Cups resides on an island archipelago to the east, I believe.

The Xu Lin valley has been created by some titanic/gigantic beings battling, knocking each other over and the remaining print of that was the valley. There are splinters of their weaponry embedded in the soil in and around the valley, few have been unearthed. Those splinters have various magical properties.

The cultural influence so far has been south east asia, but I think it has been mentioned that the City of Brass (biggest city in the world, in the middle of the CoWands), where "we" are right now, has many cultures imbedded represented by different races.

Adam's GM Prep for the City of Brass. HEAVY SPOILERS MKAY?