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WIP Build of the Swan Song


(Daryldom) #1

So a while back I modeled up the Swan Song in CAD, and given that I work with 3D printing every day, I eventually caved and printed it as well. This particular design is based off the Swan Song T-Shirt, since there isn't really an established cannon version of the ship.

Finally, I was brave enough to start the painting process (Which I have zero experience in... Hence the hesitation)

Currently, this is where she's at after the first round of painting & weathering:

Some definite work to do in making the paint look more like metal (Hello my good friend Rub'N'Buff) and in actually building a proper stand instead of a plank of wood...

Still, fun to build.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

:itmejp10: it looks so cool. Thank you for sharing

(Possibly Batman) #3

That looks so good @Daryldom! Excellent work. Thanks for sharing :itmejpheart: