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Wild Speculations on CoV-World-Heaven stuff

(sythmaster) #1

This is long and a bit rambly, but some thoughts of late.

Okay, some assumptions from previous Adam conversations in CoS prep.

  • There is a finite number of Souls in The World.
  • Souls are returned to the Fountain.
  • No New Souls are made (?)
  • Maraborn do not posses souls (Those in the Court of the Void)
  • Vampires and other Undead stuff mess with Souls, preventing them from participating in the cycle.
  • When Heaven was formally created around the Fountain, the Void Court was created (as a possible “mirror”)

So, we’ve also seen how things can “fall” into the void (hence vein hunters seeking objects from The World). This has mostly been non-souled things (to our* (players/audience) knowledge) sans PCs jaunt.

Mara haven’t fully entered The World, though they make their presence known. (This is still a bit unclear)

When the players left the Court of the Void, they left with 2 voidborn and left 1 soulborn in the Void.

Open Questions from the above:

  • What is the significance of Unnamed and Amira’s bodies in The World
  • What is the significance of Yotta’s upper soul in The Court of the Void?

So we’ve seen some observations of Amira’s body from Ten Pillars and Gravedirt, but we haven’t learned a lot yet.
The body doesn’t decompose those, which makes sense on some level as it isn’t the lower portion of a soul to begin with? Will it ever though? This shows that there’s some resistance to certain “natural” effects. However we also know that spells can target them (Ramus’ cast Spare the Undying on Unnamed), so its not immune to everything? (Also qualifies that body for the spell from Heaven, so this might get a retcon?)

We know Yotta is dead, and we’ve seen The King’s fascination with the corpse of Yotta. However, the Court of the Void is not connected to Heaven… so where did Yotta’s top soul go? Is it floating aimlessly? Is Yotta now a ghost in the Void? Did the Void’s current take it into the hole? Was it captured by a Mara? We’ve seen aspects of “soul containers” back in Utrix’s Dimension Arc, so these aren’t completely impossible.

Wide speculation time!

Okay, so this is where my thoughts will go a bit wild. The Void was accidentally formed those 10,000 years ago when Heaven was created around the Fountain. Since then, there has (to our knowledge) been a balance between the two in terms of souls. The Mara can try and influence The World, but all the actions are committed by people in The World.

So what does it now mean for their to be “shadows in the light” and “light in the shadows” ? While things may be closely balanced, I think the party “bumped” the scale around the fountain, which could have very large ramifications for both sides of the scale. Though I think the “inertia” of each side is still mostly the same.

Basically what they’ve done is “slosh the bucket” which will have some interesting ripple effects. What kind of effects? Who knows! But I’m really intrigued to find out! Also, in a time when primordial gods are waking up, the idea of “shaking the bed” doesn’t seem like a great idea? I imagine a few noticed the effects if not the cause yet and may inquire about it.

Additionally, something like a “ripple” across The World while Heaven is in the mist of a Political Civil War will also undoubtedly be used as a tool for rhetoric or a call to action.

These are of course long-term far reaching “Campaign Fronts” but its interesting to think about. Not sure if anyone else has thoughts or ideas on the ramifications of such actions.