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Where can I get those Jeans?

(Liyarin) #1

So, even since JP mentioned those "comfort jeans" for the first time, I've been interested in getting some, but I really have no idea where he got them from, and I'm afraid to order some from a different place just in case they're not the same thing and just some normal jeans...

I've always hated how jeans feel on your legs, therefore I never really wore any, but our society just keeps leaning more and more into wearing jeans that I really can't find anything else to wear, so if I am to wear jeans, at least I want to be comfortable with them.

So, if anyone knows where JP got them, I'd love to know, or if you know a place that sells them but cheaper, it'd also be appreciated, but you'd have to make sure they're the same thing JP wears.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

The ones JP talks about are American Eagle Flex Jeans I believe.

(itmeJP) #4

I wear American Eagle Flex Jeans

(Liyarin) #5

Thanks everyone <3
I'll give them a shot c: