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Where are you from?


(Moose2033) #401

I used to go to a LARP event near Amherst right when all the students were moving back in to College, fun times

(Zugor96) #402

I reside a little north of Jp here in Arlington, Texas.

(Romeid) #403

Missoula, MT - Montana represent! (Then I look at the map and get sad - though we have @Ezekiel_III so that makes up for it, partially)

(Broxalar) #404

At least you have someone! I feel so alone!

(rprk) #405

New Orleans, LA here, 3rd person according to the map.

(Mrdavincikicker) #406

The northen tundra of Gävle, Sweden.

(kingofgriffons) #407

Just outside of Atlanta, GA.

(Twitch: stepinmypep) #408

originally from li'l Rhode Island, currently residing in Galveston, TX

(Hillbillyjim) #409

Christchurch, New Zealand

(seandash33p) #410

Magherafelt in Ireland.

(SoberCreativity) #411

lol close enough, good guess :itmejpgg:

(TheDesec) #412

Düsseldorf, Germany!

(Stabbe) #413

Hello :itmejpnation: just another Swede here :slight_smile: Living just south of the polar circle so Winter hit us for real over the weekend. So nice with snow!

(Twitch: Lethologica981) #414

Derry, Northern Ireland reporting in.

(Argorash) #415

I'm from Newcastle England.

(Possibly Batman) #416

I still love going back and looking at this thread. :itmejpnation: really is all over the world.

(Armeeof1) #417

Greetings from LI, NY!

(BlazeRom) #418

Romania, the city of vampires and the great cheap internet. :itmejplol:

(Twitch: PerilousPlanet) #419

I also hail from Essex fam, near Southend :slight_smile:

(Twitch: baron_netic) #420

Checking in from Århus, Denmark. Nice to see all the scandinavian nerds here :slight_smile: