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Where are you from?


(Lee_Scorsby) #261

The glorious Swedish westcoast city Stenungsund. 1# Seafood in the world.


Crowley, Texas - between Forth Worth and Waco

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #263

I was born in Peru :itmejpfisting: (now living in Sweden)
Now I'm an admin... dreams can come true... :itmejpwtf:

(Malicite) #264

Don't let him fool you. I live about four hours West of there and can still see the smoke rising.

(Malicite) #265

It was you people who named the damned things! Be more creative next time and we won't have to revolt. :soccer:

(lilStrawbewwy) #266

The rural swampy part of the US, georgia.

(drm37) #267

I live around new york, new york

(IchWinchester) #268

Hello everyone! México City.

(BigTheTank) #269

Good ol Michigan right here. Eagerly awaiting winter

(Twitch: LatheRunner) #270

Bergen, Norway :itmejphi:

(Dorgrim77) #271

Orange, Texas - About as far South East as you can get in Texas.

(Darkdreanic) #272

Living in the big frozen north same as Adam Prince george, BC

(ds_61_3) #273

Good old Adelaide, South Australia (basically the worst place for sleep if you like watching twitch streamers)

(zulufactor) #274

@ds_61_3 cool we named our daughter Adelaide

(Angry_Bubble) #275

I am from the cold dark land, some call Denmark, in a city called Roskilde :stuck_out_tongue:

(Foogalicious) #276

Adelaide, Australia here!

(RolandHuxley) #277

Adelaide , South Australia here. Seems to be a couple of us

(padda64) #278

Malmö, Sweden :coffee:

(Walog) #279

Rovaniemi, Finland, Santa says hi :santa:

(guvkon) #280

From Siberian riches of Novosibirsk, Russia.