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What's your thoughts on Twitch Communities?

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #1

It's been a few days now since the Dropped Frames boys talked about it. Have you seen any improvements? What do you like or dislike so far? What's missing?

Here's the DF episode if you missed it:

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #2

I agree with Cohh on the issue so far. They have great potential for small streamers. I even wrote a long article about it and the implications and possibilities it has for a small streamer.

So far however I feel as if it haven't reached that level. It might be due to the wonky release of the feature.

I also think that hat what Twitch wanted was something similar to what they had in Creative, and not actual game titles.

That might come as the communites settle in or perhaps there will slowly be certain ethics formed around it, similar to how there are certain ethics around streaming.

(miniRoach) #3

There is no community feeling to them. Community has a focus on interaction, and there's no interaction to be found here, just user made categories.

A better way to implement these categories would be using the hashtag system from creative, and tag your channel with all aspects that suits you.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #4

Totally agree they they don't really seem to have any community feel to them. But I don't think they ever did in Creative either, did they? (I just recently started streaming in Creative so I was never really invested in how it worked there.)

I do wonder if the reason for hashtag was removed was due to "forcing" you to choose one. Wouldn't surprise me too much if that was the case. A big streamer could pretty much bump up as many communities to the top as they felt like.

While it is in beta it might have been a good idea to roll it out a bit slower than what they did.

(TheDesec) #5

It's Teams 2.0. I barely used Teams to find or watch other streamers... it's going to be a dud for me.

(Twitch: adfraech) #6

Do you think that's because teams have always been kind of hidden? Sure you can find them if you know what you're looking for, but you can't search or view by teams.

(Kol_Saresk) #7

Didn't even know Twitch had communities. But since basically all I do is just watch past streams since working overnights means I'm either asleep or at work when my streamers are broadcasting, I don't think it'll hold much attraction for me.

(TheDesec) #8

I clicked on a handful of teams... RollPlay, The Hammer Squad, the Cohhilition... not more than two hands full I guess, looked who's in it... then went back to the way I use Twitch: Be in /directory/all and have my following list on the right side. That way I see top channels and events and such and always see the people I care about on the right side.

I'm already following enough people to have someone (more like at least 5) online at any time of day.
That's enough content to not care :stuck_out_tongue:

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #9

Something that I hope they add to their API is a way to display a range of streams in a community. That way we could perhaps feature itmeJP community members in someway.