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What's the best way to download the Patreon MP3s?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #1

I'm assuming there is a better way then right click and save for each file. I tried FileZilla but those ports aren't open. Is there a better method? Thanks.

(Kol_Saresk) #2

What problems are you running into that you need something different?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #3

No issue just time consuming right clicking each file and saving. I would like to select all and queue them to download. I recently upped my Patreon pledge so I didn't have any of the MP3s.

(Twitch: norweird) #4

Firefox extension: downthemall

chrome: search download manager and you get a few hits. i don't use chrome much, so can't recommend anything.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #5

You're awesome dude! That's working great. I don't care what @NoorElBahrain says about you I think you're the best. :slight_smile:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #6

what?! :itmejpwtf: (post limit)

(TheDesec) #7

@boostgeek likes @shooder, regardless of what you say, @NoorElBahrain. you could say "if you like @shooder, 100 puppies will die", but he would not care! what a cruel person!

I think I'll randomly add this to a lot of things
I don't care what "persons name" says about you
this is hilarious ^^

I don't care what "persons name" says about you, your hair looks nice

I don't care what "persons name" says about you, your voice is beautiful

I'm gonna a) have so much fun and b) get in so much trouble...

(Might be Captain Marvel) #8

I mean it was a bit of a surprise waking up in the morning to the news that apparently in some alternate dimension I said something about @shooder . Curse you Earth 2 Noor!

Anyway I use Free Download manager to drag and drop links to the program and download a bunch of files at a time.

@TheDesec - option B :stuck_out_tongue:

(TheDesec) #9

It's like when you randomly meet a sad and/or crying person, comfort them and say "is it because of the haircut?"... a friend of mine did that in college to a crying girl... oh boy...

(Twitch: eyearcana) #10

Flash is the best! He was the first superhero comic I read when I was little. I was just messing around, hope you don't take offense.