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What would you like Twitch to announce @ Twitchcon 2017?

I put this in the Dropped Frames category since they will eventually talk about any Twitchcon announcements.

What I would like to hear-

  • First and foremost, I would some kind of effort from Twitch to provide reliable service. No buffering would be great so that I don’t have to watch twitch in glorious 360p (or lower) so that I don’t have a latency to broadcaster of over a minute.

  • Categories to me would be a better way to organize twitch than communities (which I do not use). Maybe something like a Strategy Category with tags of Turn-based, Real-Time, Management etc…
    Sometimes I just feel like watching a certain type of game. So going to a category, and watching who is live playing strategy games would be nice or possible narrowing it down to Grand Strategy with a tag. Maybe have the list of tags on the side of the page?

  • Updating the vod system. A search function would be welcome as well.

  • A better Vod editor.

What would you like to hear?

Clips from VODs behind sub walls, as a sub. Didn’t work a while back. Would be nice.

But that’s a feature I want… not something that I’d expect them to announce on a big stage…

I want them to separate Games and Communities from the Browse tab again.

Easier way to browse VODs

More RPG categories outside DnD

stopping with the dozen or so half ass features and focus on a few actual features

Ways to earn bits outside straight up buying them, like if my amazon is attached to my twitch can I get some bits when I order something from prime? Might not be possible but would be cool

  • The ability to customize the column on the left with the streamers you follow. I’m following a lot of people, but I only watch 4 or 5 regularly. When I go to, I see the top 5 streamers in that column, but not necessarilythe ones I want to see. So that would be nice.

  • You guys already mentioned the VOD system and I agree, that needs work.

Other than that, I’m confident that the extension feature will bring a lot of cool stuff :>


Oh yes please. that column on the left is weird so I just use the extension Live Now to navigate between followers or get information about the streams

Integrating the bttv/ffz mod tools into the site itself