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What is your top 10 RollPlay shows?

After all these years of absolutely fantastic RollPLay shows, we have finally reached the tenth show (depending how you count). To celebrate this, I have created a survey in which you can create your own top 10ish like list of RollPlay shows. After you are done, the list will be compared to everyone else list and you will be presented some stats. No personal information will be needed so do

This survey is not for a project or anything of the sort. It is simply a celebration of how far RollPlay have come and how important it is, not only for this community but for the bigger role playing community. I know I am sounding grandiose, but it was RollPlay that introduced me to role playing, which is now a big part of my life.

So, lets how fun with it and remember: This is not for degrading or calling a show bad. This is a fun thing, let’s keep it that way :wink:

Sincerely Siegees


I like the idea of this survey but is it too late to adjust it?

For example You have Ehbon and Vigil as one option, (which makes sense to me), so I think that Solum and Legacy should also be combined as well.

So if you combine those two you are left with 9, so like @Jabba_the_space_gangster says, you can add R&D as your 10th, as I know many here love that show.

I added the R&D shows. I agree that they are a bit to different from each other to put them under one show. It is sadly not a top 10 anymore but the more the merrier.

My list is the following: 1. Swan song 2.Apocalypse World 3. West marches 4.Dungeon World 5.Dark heresy 6. Legacy 7. Legacy 8. Mirrorshades 9. Numenera 10. Maid RPG 11. Solum 12. Blades 13.Court of Swords 14. Saga of the Icelanders 15. Pendragon 16. Ehbon

Sorry for placing your GM so low JP but like the post said, none of these shows are bad.

I’ve only watched 7 shows, but

  1. Mirrorshades
  2. West Marches
  3. Maid RPG
  4. Numenera
  5. Court of Swords
  6. Blades
  7. Dungeon World

I’ll be honest, I filled out the form like 5 minutes ago and I’m not 100% sure this is the order I put, but it’s basically right, any one show might wiggle one position or other. Enjoyed DW a lot still, but it just took me a long time to work through as it didn’t get me hype as the others did where I would binge on vods if I wasn’t up to date

edit: any wiggles will be below the top 2, which are set. But Numenera might overtake maid if I did the form on a different day, or might fall behind CoS

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Have you not watched Swan Song or didn’t you like it? Just curious :>

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I watched the first 2 or 3 weeks a while back, and it was fun, but I’ve prioritised other stuff and haven’t managed to get back to it. Didn’t think 4% of the show’s run was a fair way to judge it so just left it out. I’ve also seen bits of BoP but similarly didn’t feel like I’d got far enough in to make a judgement


Well, right now Mirrorshades is my definite favourite show. I can see Blades has a potential to overtake it eventually, if it continues to be as good as the first three episodes were. Of the one shots, I think Masks, Dogs in the Vineyard and Breakers, in no particular order, are my favourites.

Wanted to check back for results… got this: " :ballot_box_with_check: You have already taken this survey." And then there was no link to results…

Maybe add this link to the top post?


You mean, mean person how could you put us thru ranking Rollplay shows, this is worse then rating your kids :itmejps:
1• Dark Heresy (the show I came in on, still holds a special place in my heart)
2• Balance of Power
3• Rollplay: Legacy
4• Apocalypse World (some great memes were created here, Lambo you are not forgotten)
5• Court of Swords
6• Blades
7• Pendragon
8• Dungeon World
9• Swan Song
10• West Marches
11• Solum
12• Ehbon / Vilgil
13• Mirrorshades
14• Numenera
15• Saga of the Icelanders
16• Maid RPG (only because it is a Two Shot and should not be on the list)

I’d be really interested in seeing how “when you started watching Rollplay” correlates to what people rated.


This is extremely difficult and all I can say is Mirrorshades is my favorite 80% of the time.

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The result after 50 surveys (Great by the way!) is the following:

2.West Marches
6.Court of Swords
7.Balance of Power
9.Dark Heresy
10.Apocalypse world
11.Maid RPG
12.Dungeon World
15.Saga of the Icelanders
16.Ehbon and Vigil

Thanks to everyone that answered.
Sincerely Siegees


Legacy’s dropped a few notches now. It generally seems that the #4-#9 positions are the most contentious checking it over the last couple of days.

Why isn’t Nebula Jazz on any of these lists?

because it didnt exist when the thread was going?

Opps… this thread showed as new for me and I didn’t check the date. Well, I would put nebula jazz as my number one for sure!

God this is hard… I can’t decide!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did the survey but figured I would post my top 5 here.

  1. Blades (Love this freaking show, so good)
  2. Mirror Shades
  3. Dark Hersey
  4. West Marches
  5. Tie between Swan Song/Court of Swords.