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What is the legality of streaming rollplay audio while I do a fanart stream?

I have a hankering to do some fanart for CoS, Swan Song, The West Marches, and Mirrorshades, and whenever I do art, I typically stream it. I was wondering if it would be legal for me to stream the audio through youtube or twitch VODs, but I understand that ad revenue is a pretty big deal, and I certainly don’t want to step on anyones toes, let alone possibly get a CAD letter or something.

Can anyone help me with this?


Tagging @itmeJP since I am under the impression you are talking to him

also tagging our awesome music creators @Drumurboy @BurnerMan54 and @Absent_Minds since it concerns their music .


Thanks @NoorElBahrain, I appreciate the help! Haven’t really used any message boards other than Reddit in years. Crazy how they’ve changed.


All of my music is fair game!

I’ve been working on getting my music on spotify and as far as I know it won’t be added to any autoflag archive bullshit.

If people like the tunes and want to have them I wouldn’t mind a link to my bandcamp somewhere but that’s up to you.


Music wise I’m cool with it, as @Drumurboy said would be cool for a link to soundcloud or a mention somewhere. You’ll have to let me know your stream so I can watch dude, love people’s fan art for Rollplay.


@bennykill709 You’re welcome. I’m happy to help

Also in case you don’t know the music links are
Drumurboy -
Absent_Minds -
Burnerman54 -


Thanks! I really like your guys’ stuff. Feel free to check out my stream at I’ve got a few VODs still up of the past few art streams I did, but if you want to check it out live, I’ll be streaming tonight from 8pm - 10pm MST.

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I’m aware that I’m really really really late to this party but I just wanted to give confirmation that I’m also 100% fine with you playing any of my music while you stream.

Putting a link or a mention somewhere on your stream page would be great :slight_smile:

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