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We've updated the schedule style

Since JP (and the mod team) started to add daily streams to the schedule it started to get a bit confusing. We’ve now rolled out a few updates.

There will now be a little color tag that will show up next to each show. These colors are show, stream and “other” specific.

When you hover over the title of a schedule entry you’ll now get the entire title will show up.

Things are still being moved to the right places so at the moment it might look a bit wonky. But let us know if you see any bugs.


Has this update gone live yet? Schedule seems the same for me

The rest is either waiting to be moved (by mods) or waiting for the cache to be updated.

Yeah that does not show for me yet. Guess i have to wait for the cache to update?

You should be able to see it already. What OS are you on? Desktop/Mobile?

Windows 10, Desktop and im using Chrome

clearing your browsers cache will fix it. Fixed it for me on 2 computers.

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I mean it’s on different days mostly, but I think the colors between stream and swords and between dropped frames and nebula jazz are too close to each other. Not a big deal, I guess.

They are similar yeah, but It’s following the color scheme of the categories on the site.

We just need more RollPlay shows with green and maybe some purple so it’s not so noticeable :itmejplewd:

Most shows do have two colors so there’s options to change. Dropped Frames has Dark Blue and Orange. Nebula Jazz has Light Blue and Yellow. Blades has Gray and Red. CoS has Gold and Purple.

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I like the changes made to the schedule page!
However I do find that a gray color on a dark background (for blades) doesn’t work quite as well.

Besides that I want to propose an idea, change the opacity of the text for everything in the past.
I think it would give a clearer view of what’s in the past and what’s coming up.
But it’s just an idea :slight_smile: .


Found a bug: the api event calls returns 404 header, with the event data.

Reported back to the dev.

As for colors. I’ve now changed some colors around. We’ll see if there’s any confusion. They can all be changed back or changed to something different if needed. For instance have all RollPlay shows under one color and all Others shows under another and so on. It’s up to @ReginaldXIV since he’s the one that adds things to the schedule these days.

Will forward this to the dev and see if it’s possible.

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Here’s the update:



A tiny little improvement (maybe), in the “Up Next” section, don’t display things like “Day off” and message like stuff.

Adding external events like Pax and Twitch panels that are Rollplay or JP related to the schedule could be useful, so we have it all in one place.

Already there under “other”. They get their own color. How they are added are up to @ReginaldXIV

Up to @ReginaldXIV. Right now it’s under it’s own category. If it’s moved into the “Stream” category it would go away from the Up Next.

Just to clarify, the system has support to add events like “RollPlay: Four Years Later” at Pax South, it just isn’t added the scheduled atm?

Correct. We can add any show we want and give it any color. So for instance we could create a ‘shows’ for every event we want and give it a separate color and then add it as an ‘event’. That way it would get it’s own color and show up in the Up Next tab. It would be a bit of a workaround but it works it just haven’t been added at the moment. What get added is up to JP and Reginald.

See how the background color changes from black to grey, when there is something? How about on “Day Off” it doesn’t change?