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Warhammer Work in Progress tune

Just saw the tweet so I had to write something!

Will finish it up before the show cause it’ll be a pretty short tune


ominously epic. love it! :itmejp10:


Awesome!! Totally digging this @Drumurboy! Can’t wait to hear the finished product :itmejp10:


Sounds fucking epic dude love it!!


:itmejp10: where you get this amazing talent from baffels me :slight_smile: jellie to the bone ^^
keep up the amazing work!

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  1. Awesome

  2. The drums that start at about 12 seconds in do not sound metal enough for me to think of Warhammer 40k. The drums after about 40 seconds do. I’ve told someone (maybe even you) in one of these beautiful posts about this issue before - I call this the “Metallica - St. Anger - tin drums effect”. I love metallica. I can’t listen to that album because the drums sound… cheap?
    I think you are going for a build up in the song, so I understand the choice of a “light” drum/snare early and the heavier one later on, but the early “tic t-t-tic tic” needs a little more “oompf”, imo.

Hope this helps :itmejpcute::itmejpgg:

It’s a work in progress. My main concern in the 2 ish hours I put in so far is purely tonal. Those are going to be backed up by something bigger later (Taiko style drums probably), but initially they are there to 1, Give a military feel and 2. introduce the chugging guitar rhythm

Kinda like drawing Blocking out main stuff and implying tone happens first. Details and shading happen progressively and usually after blocking.

That’s my process anyway :smiley: