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welcome to the Reikland, we have lots of fun things to do and eat


That was soooo good! Kudos! Sorry you couldn’t mutilate anyone in the group.

This was an incredible one shot. Loved it all. Wish it wasn’t a one shot cause they always feel a bit rushed to fit an entire story into 4 hours. But 10/10 good job

why did the kid have a long tongue?

What was the other game you played with Bikeman, was it streamed? I wanna watch!

And game related question, what was with the elf?! I feel like he had a bigger part you planned for him!

he was a muuuuuuutant

The elf was just there to show up and be mysterious and unhelpful.

I think he did great.


lol I don’t deny he was great, I guess I was just wishing for more of him. As long as he lived up to what you wanted, great!

I’m sorry you never got to say never look a gift Horst in the mouth.


me too, friend. me too.

You were sooo close to fitting in “beating a dead Horst”
(can’t take credit, someone else in twitch chat during the prep stream)

Hey, awesome Show. I am in a group playing second edition at the moment and i really liked the flow of the game in this one way better, from character creation to the fights, all seemed to be more fluent.
Can you tell us about the informations of the characters they got in the beginning or will this be talked about on patreon? If so, that’s fine.


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oo thanks Sythmaster!

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Was Carl Theodor’s name a Carl Theodor Dreyer reference?

I mean, there is no real reason this should amuse me. But it does if true.

Only inadvertently. I have a tendency to do that.

This was one of the best one shots IMO along with Mouse Guard and Die-KEA.

Thank you!

I loved it this was definitely one of my favorites. I forgot how much I missed Sam, Dodger, and Pocket on rollplay. As the parent of an 8 month old I know how much it rearranged your life/schedule. I hope to see them more even it is just for one-shots. I forgot how quickly Sam picks up on rules systems and uses them to play into other players characters and shine the spotlight. It’s a shame he never got to have a guest arc on court of swords before the guests stopped. I digress, I’m fascinated at the warhammer world (knowing nothing about it) would love to see a longer campaign in it or zweihander. Especially if it has the high mortality rate it appears to. I feel when players know there is a high chance of character death it allows them to play their characters more true to their characters goals and less as a game trying to survive.

Question time. @AdamKoebel In one shots or campaigns in general do you ever give the players behind the scenes knowledge of stuff their characters would have no way of knowing to make for a smoother show or a better bit? Knowing now that the “mysterious” elf was useless all along was great and even better with how Dodger played it, completely disregarding the elf. Did you let her in on the gag or did she just happen to pickup on the elf and hilariously played foil to it?

Edit: completely forgot to mention Bikeman. He was great. I loved his “beggar” he definitely needs to be on rollplay more. He clearly played his character and made character decisions so well and wasn’t a person playing a game in this and the mouse guard one shot.

That’s a great question. Before the session I gave everyone a motivation for being at the party, but little other info. I did tell Sam “your character is going to be hunting for Pokket’s character, but you have to stick together against a worse situation - it’s the contrivance for an action movie, right?” and he did a magnificent job playing along. As far as the Elf went, what was so funny was that Dodger had no idea what was happening so when she snubbed him it was legitimately hilarious to me and a big surprise. A wonderful and unexpected turnaround. I try to share as much as I think needs sharing to keep the game moving towards a conclusion that feels cool and real but little enough to keep it surprising, basically.