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Updated Masks Fanfic(feedback welcome)

RollPlay Masks FanFic
Rise of the Ancients
As Petra, Riley, and Lex watched helplessly as Hemlock plummet to the bridge below they are unaware that they are being watched.

Somewhere else
A figure watches the whole scene from a monitor thinking if he should get involved. He looks over at a picture of Hemlock and her mother having regret about leaving them and with no explanation on why. Looking back at the monitor he makes the decision and types activate protocol Karen.

At that moment
Back at Hemlock’s apartment Clyde’s eyes light up and he goes into his office as he activates his battle armor. He then walks out into the back alley and flies off towards the bridge.

Back at the bridge
Petra is down on one knee drain from the fight with the giant and watching in horror as Hemlock continues to fall. Riley is just now pulling herself up on bridge determine to help Hemlock. Lex is trying desperately trying to get the boots to start working again. Petra sees Riley pull herself up and yells at her “do something.” Riley looks over at Petra and yells “like what I can’t magically stop her from falling.” “Well we just can’t stand here and do nothing” she replies to Riley. “I know” Riley says agreeing. They then both look over at Lex and yell “LEX!” Lex ignores them as she is trying to get the boots to respond. Just then a person in black and chrome armor flies past all three of them and rushes to Hemlock. The three look puzzled as they watch this person head towards Hemlock. Riley being a hot head runs after him leaving Petra behind. Petra also worried forces herself to both feet and follows after Riley. The mysterious person seeing Hemlock about to hit the ground speeds up and gets there just before she hits catching her in their arms. Riley catches up to the person and sees that they saved Hemlock and just stares. Petra catches up with Riley and sees Hemlock in the arms of this stranger and breathes a sigh of relief. She then asks the stranger “who are you.” The stranger just chuckles under his helmet and replies “ladies” and flies off with Hemlock. Both Riley and Petra go to stop him but he’s to fast. They just stand there as Lex finally decides to join them. After awhile Petra asks the two of them “do you think that was Clyde?” Both Riley and Lex look at each other and think about it for a moment then shake their heads saying “no.” Then three of them start to walk off the bridge as they hear sirens in the distances. As they walk off one of the citizens says into a com “sir subject: R1L3Y spotted what are your orders.” There’s mumbling on the other end then he replies “understood sir” and just phases away.

Back at Hemlock’s Apartment
Clyde lands on the balcony to Hemlock’s room and walks in with Hemlock in his arms. He walks over to her bed and lies her down gently. He then takes the mask and heads back to the balcony and walks down the steps to the alley deactivating his armor and heads into to the lobby. He then goes to his office to put the mask in a secure safe and then returns to the front desk to resume his doorman duties.

Downtown Helciyon
Petra, Riley, and Lex are walking not saying anything to each other when Petra finally speaks up and says “we need to find out what that was all about.” Riley stops and looks at Petra and says “no what we need to do is go check on Hemlock.” “She’s fine” Petra replies. “That person in the chrome and black armor saved her she continues.” Riley just stares then yells “FINE!” “SHE’S FINE!” “SHE ABSORB ALL THAT ENGERY, PAST OUT AND STARTED PLUMPETING TO THE GROUND!” She pauses as if waiting for Petra to respond. Petra lets her rant then replies “we’ll go check on after we find out what that bird creature/guy was.” “I mean that shouldn’t take long for Lex” she continues looking at Lex. Before Lex can reply Riley says “you guys go find out that thing was and I’ll go check on Hemlock” and storms off in the opposite direction headed to Hemlock’s apartment. Petra thinks about going after her but decides against it and turns to Lex asking “so do you think you can find out that info?” Lex replies “no I don’t think I can” and chuckles. Ignoring Lex’s sarcastic reply Petra turns and heads towards Lex’s apartment with Lex right behind her.

On the Outskirts of Helciyon
Two dark figures appear. A male voice says “so Pazuzu failed after all.” Then a female voice says “what did you expect he sent a kid to do an adults job.” Then another figure appears behind them and says “I thought the kid potential and now the mask is hidden from us again.” The female voice says “not necessarily we know one of the girls has it we find her we find the mask.” The first guy laghs and replies “I like the way you think.” Then he whistles and a werewolf like creature appears and he tells him to go and track down those girls. The creature howls and runs through the woods heading towards the city.