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Two songs you can use


(Zerrantos) #1

Hey guys!

These are old but at least one of them is related to rollplay. Feel free to use them if you want! Unfortunately there’s no such thing as James’ band, it’s just a name we thought was funny at the time (back in '07 or so). Feel like it’s a good song so i don’t wanna just let it rot in that empty corner of the internet.
(also, Satan vs Santa was co-produced with my friend Linus Källberg, who no of you know, but credit where credit is due and all that. He also plays the guitar solos n stuff.)

Hope you like 'em!

(Zerrantos) #2

O yea i forgot about this one.

If someone who’s responsible for the music megathread sees this pls put at least Grigori’s song up there. Thank you <3

(Drumurboy) #3

added to the megathread

(Zerrantos) #4

Thanks a lot Drumurboy! Keep up the good work! <3