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Two new Swan Song tracks "Lonely Universe" and "Spike Drive Hyperjump" for the RollPlay live show

Hey everybody.

Haven’t been in here in a while since, well, I really haven’t had anything to post. I was mostly busy working on these two tracks.

I created them from past ideas and in anticipation of the RollPlay Swan Song live show.

They differ a lot in terms of style and mood compared to each other but I think they fit quite well into the existing playlist for Swan Song.

“Spike Drive Hyperjump”

“Lonely Universe”

Please enjoy!


These are so damn good @BurnerMan54! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and love for these shows with us :itmejpheart:

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Amazing work as always. :itmejp10: Thank you

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Loving the feel of these two tracks, Lonely Universe just hits all the right notes, really enjoyed how it started with that “Adventures of swan song” motif then moved on into something bigger and grander

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oh this is the hot shit right here


Awsome as always @BurnerMan54, love them

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