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Twitch VODs not working on Mobile?

(Cattie_mmv) #1

Just curious if anyone else has problems with Twitch mobile VODs not working? I can't get last night's Blades episode to play but CoS from yesterday works fine.

I love RollyPlay and I would sub anyway to give my support but it's a bummer to not have access to paywall VODs seemingly due to a problem with the app. I keep up with the shows while I'm at work and watching via PC isn't an option.

(Rubxcubedude) #2

its working for me just checked and could get blades..the only issue i have with twitch vods is it no longer saves my place on mobile

(Twitch: eyearcana) #3

Same for me, it seems Twitch just gave up on the mobile app. It really is a piece of garbage.

(Armeeof1) #4

Yeah. Blades isn't working for me either on mobile :disappointed: That's stinks because that was going to be what I listen to at work tomorrow.

(Geonoxes) #5

Same here. I think its specific VODs, because some do work. Seems like something on twitchs end, because those VODs also don't work on safari on Mac either, only chrome.

(Armeeof1) #6

It appears to only be the two most recent episodes of Blades. I wonder why it's only those VODs. Very strange...

(Khaleesipens) #7

Yup, I tried watching last episode of blades today and couldn't. I could watch COS though so I am not sure what the issue is. Oh well, I guess I will patiently wait for them all to hit YouTube.

I hope it gets fixed though. One of the main reasons I subbed is so I didn't have to wait for YouTube to watch the shows if I missed them.

(Armeeof1) #8

It's baaack! Last week's Blades was fine but this week is screwed up again. The 14 second video from before the episode actually starts plays fine though so there's that. I really hope this gets sorted because spending money specifically to watch VODs that don't work feelsbadman.

(Oythebrave) #9

Having the same issue, CoS always seems to work but Blades mostly messes up. I've seen other channels put the VoD in the "uploads" and those work when the past broadcast doesn't.

(Cattie_mmv) #10

Such I bummer. I was planning on watching this afternoon.

(Lutzy911) #11

Having the same issue. Love watching Blades but it's not working on my iPhone 6, but I can watch CoS no problem. This was one of the main reasons I subbed! Hope it get sorted out soon.

(Possibly Batman) #12

Hey Guys, this is appears to be a twitch issue with vods. Have you tweeted or emailed twitch support regarding the problems?

(Lutzy911) #13

Blades is still not working and now CoS from yesterday (2/7/17) is having the same issue. Tweeted twitchsupport but no response yet. Really hope this gets resolved because I subbed so I wouldn't have to wait to watch/listen on YouTube.

(Possibly Batman) #14

I understand it can be frustrating. If there was anything JP or any of the mods here could do we would. Twitch just has issues with their mobile app and the vod system.

(boeiee) #15

i assume you are using the twitch app, Have you tried watching them through the website on mobile? Shitty solution but maybe still a solution

(Cattie_mmv) #17

These certain VODs don't work on browser version either. Other VODs are fine.

(Rubxcubedude) #19

what mobile platform you using..i'm on android and not seeing this problem currently :confused:

(Lutzy911) #20

iOS on an iPhone 6. And I just tried the desktop view and it didn't work either. :sob:

(Blustion) #21

Sorry to necro this but i was able to get sround some vod issues on ios by changing quality. Worth a try at least.