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Twitch Uservoice

I’m someone that actually uses I’m not 100% certain even the regulars of Dropped Frames know what this site is as so few people actually take their time and post suggestions to twitch instead of just being an angry sheepling on reddit or chat.

For those that don’t know what uservoice is for, it is for leaving suggestions for Twitch for them to implement. Then you can browse suggestions from other users, vote and comment on them. On general suggestions one has limited amounts of votes but on other areas you can vote on any number of ideas one deems worthy. For a while general feedback has been dominated by suggestions to allow the streaming of restricted games.

Why i bring all of this up is that i feel like this could be something that could be picked up as an quick topic on DF. Many things are suggested here that are talked about on the show but they never realize as real feedback. In today’s world you need to handle pretty much everything with “tickets” of some sort.

This is a good example of a suggestion that got a response on the same day, so they actually read and response to these. These suggestions that get to be planned and possibly implemented have only less than ten votes. By driving attraction to issues that one cares about you really don’t need to get handful of people interested on it for Twitch to take notice on it.

Just my two cents, nothing more nothing less.

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i knew this was a thing but i lost the link and couldn’t find it again. Thanks for reminding me!

I don’t think there are any set links to it. Sometimes new features have a link to it when they ask for comments and suggestions. It’s like they don’t want people using the system…

I’m just going to shamelessly bump this thread.

Seriously, i’m actually mad and sad how i was actually correct to assume that JP, Cohh and Zeke had no idea about this. JP actually taught he shouldn’t mention this! Just to those who don’t watch DF this was briefly mentioned in the first part of episode 113.

To be fair it’s not promoted all that well. I posted something to that but still forget about it.

True. There are no links to the system except during some of the betas, but it is still used for every feature.

That suggestion for resubscribing with Twitch Prime if you press the “share resub anniversary” button sounds like pretty damn relative to most of the streamers and it got to be under review one day ago.