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Twitch pulse beta

For the first time in forever i checked out the frontpage and noticed I got into a beta on twitch “Twitch Pulse” , Anyone else got into this?
I havent really figured what it does apart from a activity feed with the messages streamers can post below their stream

(Not sure if this is the right category)

It has not loaded for me yet :itmejps:

I dunno, but my sidebar doesn’t even have communities in it for some reason. BetterTTV could have hidden all that stuff, but I can’t find the option and it’s still like that even after disabling the extension.

BTTV shows everything fine for me, Even showed pulse for me but it looked incredibly broken.

I have used another browser with the extension disabled (I use FFZ) and cleared cache on my primary browser. Current theory its a staggered release :thinking:

communities still shows up for me though. Not that I’ll miss it if it disapeared from the sidebar :stuck_out_tongue:

So it’s pretty much a Twitter feed for the channels that you follow?

seems like it yeah, havent been able to find anything else