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Twitch Extension feature suggestions

With the new Twitch Extensions feature I thought it could be a good idea to throw some ideas around for @itmejp to think about when he talks with some devs about what could be added as RollPlay extensions

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So right off the bat I think one big QoL would be to remove the Character screen overlay from the stream and add it as overlays. By this I mean the overlay with the character names and stats, hp and whatnot. This does not have to be the full Character sheet as @itmejp talked about in horror (arrow counts :wink:) but even just the basic figures with possibly dynamic hp and status effects. This would free up the overlay space to be either the map or some other new type of overlay plus the rolling bar which could be given more space/tweaked now that there might be times when it could be the only thing on screen.

Another possible but maybe a bit trickier addition would be monster/npc sheets (sure the players could see them but it’s not like they cant just be googled anyways unless hacked and the hacked version stats could be hidden etc.

When a player clicks a spell or ability or even just an attack could that be popped up along with the roll result briefly as a dynamic effect? For instance casting a fireball causes a fireball icon to pop up showcasing the roll result for maybe 5 seconds?

Anyways those are few I’ve come up with so far. Anyone else have anything to add?

Ps. sorry if this has been mentioned in another thread I tried searching but could not find anything.


it it’s anything like the hearthstone extension with the mouseover things…

  • stat panel
  • list of spells, feats
  • list of weapons and damage type (if magical)
  • maybe a larger version of the character art?