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Twitch beta/test programs

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Does anyone know if there is a way to know if you are inserted in to a twitch beta/test program early on? I usually tend to get the new features early on and i would like to know when there is new stuff to test. Why i'm asking this now is because i'm not sure but i might have had communities open for a while before they were announced. :confused:

I'm not just sure of this, but i'm thinking of this because i use Finnish overlay and the communities button is not translated but pops up as "Browse Communities" and i think i remember seeing it before. I just didn't bother with it as i taught it had something to do with the Friends system(no stalkerino please) as it also was not translated for a while and they have similar looking icons for the buttons.

Twitch doesn't seem to send you any notification that you have been selected to a test or anything. Not getting any notification feels a bit weird and i'm thinking that i might be missing something. Also having early access to Communities sounds doubly weird, but at this point i'm not just sure and would like to know in the future where i can see if i'm added to a test group. I often hear about new features floating about on Dropped Frames and then notice that i have them. :expressionless:

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Basically that is where software dev's find out about Twitch beta / New features

You and me both :wink:


You might have ended up in a A/B testing group. Meaning that you wouldn't get a notification. Since they probably want to study it without certain influences.

For some features they do send notifications. Either an email or a notification when you go to the site. I got the beta for the new browse tab a bit back but there was no way to provide feedback.

They also use the Creative section a lot for beta testing things.

Also the Finnish population is the friendliest subset of users on Twitch, according to the 2016 Twitch stats.

Stay friendly my Finnish neighbour.

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Lol well that is an interesting statistic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the answers. Seems like there isn't much that one can do to be more informed about these things. At least i'm not really missing anything obvious.